The Circle Of Life!

Blouse~New Look
Necklace~Forever 21

Brr,its sooo cold! It's cooler temperatures like this that makes me miss the warmer temperatures we (briefly) enjoyed in the Summer. It feels like a life time ago.Oh well, it's times like these which allows me to reminisce on all the sick things I did over the summer!

Speaking of Summer, my family and I  ventured into Central London to watch The Lion King for my older sister's birthday. I think I was a little more excited than the birthday girl, as I love the Lion King! Even at 21 I can proudly say I remember all the words to Hakuna Matata and was tapping my foot as the actors sung it.

The production had me gripped to the edge of the seat,which is odd because I have watched the film like a million of times. But let me tell you,it was a heck of a show...who knew a live puppet show could be so cool!


  1. i love it the lion king movie! but never get to watch the musical x

  2. Can you believe I still haven't seen that musical yet?? I love you blazer though. its so BRIGHT!

    Epiphannie A: Had an epiphannie yet?

  3. Love the blazer..xx

  4. love your outfit! looks really good on you. And nice blog you have girl!

  5. I love that blazer!! I am yet to see that Lion King but its on my list of shows to see including Wicked. Some of this shows do local tours but there's nothing like the West End!

  6. Cute outfit! The necklace is gorgeous!

  7. I wish I lived closer, I'd love to pop through to central london whenever i want. I was there at the weekend and it just makes you feel so alive. I'm back in the country side now... bored out of my mind! You look lovely, Jess and the blazer is gorge! x


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