That's what friends are for....

My outfit
Hat~New look
Snood~Miss Selfridge
Fur boots~ Chocker Shoes

Nats outfit
Coat~Miss Selfridge

Can you believe its nearly 8 days till Christmas! only realised today, and guess what I haven't done any Xmas shopping. Reason being I am low on funds, so my nearest and dearest may have to relieve a Christmas hug for Xmas. I wonder how they'll respond to me once they get their "present". But if you think about it do we really need material things at this time of togetherness hmm?? I wonder if they buy my new holier than thou attitude or they'll suss that I am broke.

Speaking of shopping and gifts, I recently went to Westfield White City with my good friend Natalie(Nats). Since we are both on placement we both find it hard to see each other, but despite this we find the time to still speak on the phone,which is always good. If I am honest I was a little disappointed with what the shops had to offer,most of what I saw was a bit samey.

But I did manage to find some interesting gems in River Island such as the feather clutch, a statement in itself. Also, me and Nats bought each other xmas gifts bags from River Island so it worked out well in the end!


  1. Oh my gosh thanks so much for reminding me theres only 8 days left till christmas I didnt even notice and there so much stuff that I have to do

  2. Love this!! I need that feather clutch....x

  3. nice pics and lovely outfit:)

    Leisy // Lovelymuffin


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