Belt,Leggings, Cardigan and Pumps~ Primark

So this picture is a about 2 weeks old and of me after I came back from work. Just like my kindred spirit Pat Butcher(only kidding), I have a love for anything leopard print be it shoes,clothes,ear muffs ,earrings and maybe even jeans.. I haven't seen any but I have a feeling I will own some in the future. Anyway I decided to tone down this usually loud print with black leggings and pumps, the print still stands out and I am still work appropriate.

Also you may have noticed my hair is longer, that's because I lost my weavinity and had a few tracks in my hair for length and volume! So the front and underneath are my own hair and everything in between isn't. I love it and can't believe that before this I never had it done it. It  looks natural which is what I was concerned about and this mini transformation has made me even more determined to grow my hair to this length!

How about you guys do you love leopard print?  and have you ever had a weave/tracks or extensions in your hair before?


  1. Love that dress! As far as I'm concerned there's no such thing as too much leopard print. xxx

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