Nail Art!: Noughts&Crosses

Image courtesy of Google images

Firstly, I wanna say that I am soo sorry that I have been away! please accept my sincerest apologies by looking at this pic of a cute pug.I have just started my placement and I have been busy and very tired. I literally clock out as soon as I get home, who invented 9-5 anyway? ah well I am slowly getting used to it. My placement is very fun at the moment as my role is varied, everyone is lovely in the office and I am getting on with the other interns, can't wait for the rest of them to start next week. Because of the placement I have become very disorganised with posting and to top it off I messed up my camera, if you follow me on twitter you'll know how I did it. So I have to use my phone till I sort it out.

Now that I have explained my absence, I wanna bring your attention to a nail art idea I whipped up. I was strongly inspired by these pair of earrings I got from Meoow from ASOS Marketplace and the fetish/gothic trend which is set to make a spalsh this autumn/winter. This look was very easy to create, all I used was a silver nail polish from Rimmel London and my Claire's nail art pen. I definitely think that these outfit would complement my dream fetish/gothic outfit. I'm thinking wet look leggings, with chunky black heels, an oversized tee finished off with a leather jacket and a berry lip and  a sultry cat eye would be perfect for this trend.  

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  1. Super fun nail art!! I just painted nebulas on my nails. :)

    xx Love & Aloha
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  2. Love the nail design,cool! now following ,check us out and please do follow:-)


  3. love those nails, was thinking of doing something similar myself :)

  4. Wow, your nails are amazing! x

  5. Cool nails. I love the colour. I was thinking of getting some of that foil-effect polish for a similar look :)

  6. Awwh I really like the little crosses! :)
    Marie x

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  8. Nail art inspired by the classic game Noughts & Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe). I can only imagine ,how creative and fun the designs would look. This is a great way to add a playful touch to your nails. Have fun creating unique patterns with Xs and Os!


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