The Lust List:012

The Lust List:012
  1. Clutch~New Look £39.99
  2. Fedora~New Look £9.99 
  3. Orange Loafers~River Island £30.00 
  4. Dress~River Island £35.00 
  5. Cuff~New Look £4.99
  6. Top~New Look £21.99 
  7. Chinos~River Island £23.00 

Pay day has come and I'm itching to buy something new! Although my bank account is looking a lot healthier, I feel like I  want to buy more classic items that will last, but Primark; New Look and River Island are tempting me. And who could blame me for being tempted, these shops have so many goodies at the moment,but sadly Primark doesn't have an online store ..why is this??

Anywhoo it is hard to pick my top item out of the list, but I think the clutch is my favourite. I like that design is a magazine cover woth a belt around it, the colours are attractive too.  I have a feathered fedora from New look,but I am yet to wear it out.. it looks okay on me depending on my hairstyle but I have come to the conclusion that I don't have a hat head. Oh well maybe I'll be a hat collector.... I'll do a ootd for you guys once my camera is fixed so you can give me your honest opinions.

Now I  used to HATE loafers, but I am proud to say I am not a hater anymore since I own this pair. The colour of the River Island loafers is more adventourous and I'm not sure i'd get alot of wear out of it, but one must not be rational when it comes to fashion it is all about risk!

 Peter pan collared shirts and chinos have been my work uniform ever since I started my placement, they are so versatile and can be dress up or down, especially these two pieces. I am definitely buying these two items when I get the chance.

Do I need another dress in my wardrobe? no but with the cuff its a definte maybe...  what are you guys lusting after??


  1. Lovely selection of items!
    Ive seen similar to your clutch on ASOS, I remeber seeing it because its such a distinct look! I wish Primark had an online store. Theyd make a killing in profit!


  2. Thank you I know what you mean!

  3. that's such a cute hat and i love the dress!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  4. I love the pink dress! Lovely blog post :) xx


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