What's in my Monochrome bag??

I'm one of those girls who has loads of bags but only sticks to using one for a long time. Knowing that I'm like this, I still continue to purchase more even though I'll probably never use them; oh well they make great decoration for my room. Being inspired by many " What's in my bag posts", I thought this was a great opportunity to show you my new favourite bag and the junk I carry with me.

Monochrome Bag from Top shop  ~£30

I pod Nano,Vaseline lip balm,Gosh lip gloss in 305(it lights up!), New Look Purse

Breathe mints from New Look, Sunglasses from Primark,Umbrella from Primark, Dove Deodorant and Dior compact mirror

My mum bought me this bag for Xmas because she was sick and tired of me carrying the same bag. It was from New Look, Chocolate Brown, slightly battered , easy to carry and had character... R.I.P  old bag you served me well. Missing from my bag are my glasses, I'm short-sighted but don't wear them all the time and my phone the Nokia 5800  Xpress music phone, which I used to take the pics, because it easier than using the DSLR camera.

What is in your favourite bag?


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