I'm an ambitious and bubbly 27-year-old from London. I  work in the exciting world of digital marketing, whilst running this site and  FBL Bloggers too. If I was to describe myself, I would say I am a social butterfly, with a penchant for creativity& music(The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar). Added to that I am an ambitious and determined individual who thrives to go for my dreams, no matter what.

When I started LWIG back in February 2011, I felt stifled creatively. I hadn't done art in years, I was bored of my course and I had such a passion for fashion(what a cliché) and beauty that I wanted to learn more.  After reading blogs, I decided to step into the blogger sphere. Suddenly the creative fire which was built up, was released and I blogged to my hearts content. Before I knew it, I had become soo involved with blogging I decided to create a  blogger network called FBL Bloggers.It grows everyday and I have met so many wonderful people especially through the #fblchat and through our twitter @fashbeautylife.

In addition, I have also gained some amazing opportunities from blogging such as working with notable fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands. Which you can see here:BRAND FEATURES

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