Brand Lines We Know Too Well: How Agencies Can Do Better

Alright, content creators, how many times have you rolled your eyes at these familiar lines from brands?

Brand Lines We Know Too Well: How Agencies Can Do Better

BRANDS STOP SAYING THIS ==> watch my Instagram reel about these familiar lines

1. "Can you do this for the exposure?"
2. "We don't have a budget for influencers right now."
3. "It's just a quick post; it shouldn't take you long."
4. "We love your style but can you make it look more like [another influencer's style]?"
5. "Could you add just a few more of our hashtags? Maybe ten?"
6. "We were hoping for more engagement on your last post."
7. "Can we have full creative control over the content?"
8. "Let's try this unpaid collaboration first, and maybe we can talk budget next time."

If you've found yourself nodding vigorously to any (or all) of the above, you're not alone. As content creators, we've all faced these cringe-worthy moments in our interactions with brands and agencies. 

But rather than just vent, let's guide brands and agencies on how they can cultivate a healthier, more productive relationship with content creators.

Tips for Brands and Agencies:

1. Value the Craft: Recognize the effort, time, and creativity that goes into content creation. Exposure doesn't pay the bills; fair compensation does.

2. Be Transparent About Budget: If there's no budget, say so upfront. But also understand that quality content often requires investment.

3. Trust the Expertise: You're working with a content creator because of their unique style and voice. Trust their judgment when it comes to resonating with their audience.

4. Clear Communication: Be precise about what you want but allow flexibility. Overloading with too many specific requests can stifle creativity.

5. Feedback, Not Control: A collaborative approach works best. Feedback is important, but allow creators the autonomy to craft content in their unique way.

6. Understand Engagement: Instead of expressing disappointment post-collab, set clear expectations in the beginning about what kind of engagement you're hoping for.

7. Build Long-Term Relationships:Instead of one-off collaborations, build a long-term partnership. It shows trust and commitment, which can lead to better results.

Brands and agencies, we get it. Navigating the world of influencer marketing can be tricky. But by fostering trust, showing respect, and maintaining open communication, the path to successful collaborations becomes much clearer. Content creators, did I miss anything? 


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