As I turned 20- fine (29) on November 7th, 2019.. it was time  to go on my annual birthday trip! This year, I went to Marrakech in Morocco with my girl Simone. She  flew all the way from the USA to spend my day with me; She's a real one, we need to stan.

Marrakech, has been on my travel bucket list for a while and as a person who has now visited there, I can tell you my Top reasons for visiting MARRAKECH:

  • It is WARM! Don't get it twisted, in November, you ain't gonna have 30°C degrees + weather all the time. But, it is much better than being in the cold UK..which is the GHETTO. Most places, the temperatures averages around 17°C to 25°C degrees. But on my birthday, the weather was 30 °C degrees and it was sensational.
  • The people are INCREDIBLY friendly. We found everyone to be extremely helpful! Especially the men, surprisingly after what we heard about being cat-called but it was very minimal for us and on the whole we weren't uncomfortable.
  • The activities you can do are so vast. We visited Bahia palace, haggled in the souks, went for a horse and carriage ride, Quad Biking etc. We didn't even touch some of the urge stuff I wanted to do!
  • The food was just yum! From traditional tangines to the more European food, I always ate well, and for cheap!

I vlogged my trip here so you can see first hand my experience in Morocco. Let me know if you visit.

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