I knew it would happen eventually. I have got to the stage in my life, whereby I am starting to think about smart investments and I am starting to veer away from frivolous investments. Omg, what has happened to me! Ladies and gentleman (if you are out there) I think I am growing up! Well it is not all bad, I guess. By really thinking about what I am doing with my money, I am now thinking about smarter investments, and not just on boring adult things like mortgages. This new thinking has made me  start thinking about  my wardrobe. Now, don't get me wrong, I will always love a cheeky Primark or Ebay purchase, as I am a bargain hunter. But spending all my money on fast fashion, isn't always going to be the best choice, as it doesn't last long.

I was approached by Joes Blogs and Legal & General, to find out the products bloggers think are worth investing  money in. I had a budget of £45 and a long think, but I came to the conclusion that a good handbag, was good investment for me. So I was kindly gifted with this handbag,from River Island, which was £45. I chose it because as a fashion blogger, I often like to try out the newest trends, but I do not like to spend too much money. As a result, my bags usually don't last long and I waste money buying a  lot of cheaper alternatives. I reckon this bag is a good investment, as it is a neutral colour so I can wear it with loads of outfits, it is sturdy and can be worn across the shoulders or by the handles, and it is a large size.

You may have noticed, that I am in a different location in my pics, that is because I took this picture in Tenerife 2 weeks ago when I was on holiday! It held up well, whilst on holiday and I still wear it regularly to work. What do you think of the bag and what products do you invest in?


  1. You look gorgeous and what a pretty bag, I love a luxe black one xxx

    Blonde of carbs

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