Have you ever heard of the phrase you are what you eat? Well me and Shaye from Simply Shaye, were inspired by this phrase when we decided to  collaborate on this food meets fashion post. Shaye is a lover of food and I obviously love everything to do with fashion, so it seemed like a perfectly creative post to do. Shaye decided to create dishes inspired by the spring weather, and I created and outfit inspired by the dishes she created! We really worked hard on this post and I hope you enjoy this post, let me know if you like to see more posts like this in the comments below!


Stylish Edibles

The warm weather is finally rolling in, and I know that for me that means taking advantage of the new foods coming in to the local markets.   As a foodie I like putting a little zest on family dinners, or making snazzy-looking dishes once we start having friends around for barbeques. We're pretty good cooks, but even the best-tasting food seems even better when it looks great, too. Here are a couple of ways to easily add pizzazz to any nice meal!

1. Go Mini
One really easy way to go fancy is to go mini. (I mean, look at the portion sizes in French restaurants!) Instead of cake or lavish desserts, consider making something a little less guilty.  Using fruit as the base of a dessert is a great step in the right direction.  I love strawberries, and I’ve seen the way Shari’s Berries dresses them up and they look awesome.  You could have just a few stylish berries and be all set instead of richer, unhealthier dessert.  Or have some fun in your own kitchen and create your own fruity sweet dessert.

2. Go Drip-Crazy
Sauces are a great way to literally spice up any meal. One of my cheats is to drip sauce across the top of any entrĂ©e as a garnish.  It’s an easy way to add a splash of creativity to any dish.  Instantly it ups the “Ohh!” factor, the design alone will excite the eye as much as the palate.  This also ends up saving on condiments since you end up using less this way—which is also healthier.  I like to always mix up my sauces but with the warm weather coming, nothing makes me happier than a drizzle of sauce over perfectly grilled meat.

3. Go Healthy
Eating fancy doesn't mean having to sacrifice your waistline! In fact, if you make your food more stylish, it can be a great opportunity to save on calories. Cooking food inside other food is a fun way to dress up any meal: consider tucking rice and veggies into bell peppers and baking them, or stuffing a mixture of veggies inside a cabbage leaf and steaming it . One of my new favourite things to do is to spoon out avocado pits and bake eggs in the hollows, which is swanky and scrumptious!  You could also drizzle your favorite hot sauce over the eggs, much like I have, to double to elegance of the dish.  


Spring Fashion

Now  I think we can all agree that Shaye's dishes not only look yummy, but they look hella colourful too! Taking inspiration from the colourful mini foods I decided to first play with hints of colour to add interest to my outfit! I went for a statement red lip, emerald nails and my floral hi-tops!

I decided to go "mini" with my skirt, and opted for a high-waisted, cream leather mini skirt. To add  spring freshness, I added a bleach wash denim shirt, which I tucked in and cinched in with my embellished black belt.

To add a tough of elegance, I wore my gold, long line medalline necklace. I still added interest to the outfit without over powering the overall look!

I hope you like this post, thanks to Shaye for collabing, until next time!



  1. What an interesting idea for a post! That skirt is super cute x

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it!

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  2. This is fantastic. That food looks divine and and you look adorable too! I love that you took such a creative approach to a Spring inspired post!
    Thanks for tweeting me your link!
    Xo, Dani

  3. This is such a creative post, I really enjoyed reading it!
    Tatianna of Indi(VIS)ual

  4. Great tips and I love your outfit!

  5. I love how you took inspiration and incorporated the colours of the food into your own outfit. I love the lip colour.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon


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