This is going to be a long one, so grab a cuppa!! I've been umming and ahhing about this topic for about a year now. When I first started blogging, I did it for a few reasons:

1. I needed a creative outlet. I was in my second year at university, and  I was bored of my course. I was also bored of the mundane travelling to uni (I was living at home again, travel was annoying). Basically I was in a routine... a routine that did nothing for my soul. It was killing my creative juices, that I needed to shake things up.

2. I loved fashion and wanted to learn more about beauty. Since I was little I've always loved fashion, personal style etc. It is something that has always clicked with me. I also wanted to learn more about makeup! I did art when I was younger and I see makeup as a form of art.

3. I was inspired. I was inspired by bloggers on, seriously that site was my fashion Bible!

So over the past 3 years I've worked hard on my blog. I may not blog every day, but I have been consistent and blogged when I wanted to, which made me happy..

Now that I've been getting more opportunities like reviews, events, creating the blogger network fashion, beauty lifestyle  bloggers (@fashbeautylife). It seems that I am loosing the blogger bug. It seems like blogging is like that guy you have been dating for ages, it's fresh exciting and you always want to be with that person. However, the longer your with that person, you realise things start to change and your in that relationship out of habit. Thus the  relationship becomes stale. You realise you  still have love for that person, but you want something more.

I want something more. I still have love for blogging, which is why I'm still active in the community. But I'm just bored of the same things. It has become routine. I have taken breaks so maybe I need to shake things up again?? I want you guys to see more of me. Any ideas??

Phew that was long!


  1. Switch it up, write down the things that bore you and think up new ideas. Have a think of things that excite you to read about. I got really bored of writing about beauty so I started adding recipes and lifestyle posts which brought be back to enjoying blogging again :)

  2. I totally get you. I started blogging in 2008 and posted really sparingly until 2011,when I discovered blogging communities and started posting more in order to gain more followers (without having aspirations of becoming a professional blogger whatsoever). By early 2012 I was a bit bored and that was the time that I started having contact with PR firms, attend a couple of events and get to review beauty products. That dragged until 2013 when I decided to re-start and start a new blog focusing on fashion+travelling (my inital blogging topic. I decided not to worry about views and followers and I admit I'm doing ok so far!

  3. Hi Jess,

    Remember me? I too have the same feeling as u before... when i wrote this, You were the first to comment on it :)

    After that i gradually realised that i am exploring other kind of articles other than fashion, and in 2013 i wasn't really active on my blog because i wanted space and less commitments, putting all priorities away. But i still end up blogging every few months and actually is falling in love with it back. This time with different kind of contents.

    I guess, we grew up with the blog but then the character will definitely surely change, we either break up or adapt to a different thing. Like humans :)

    Sometimes we gotta do what we have to do Jess x

  4. Whatever you do, don't stop Jess!! When I was bored in my old job I would set myself a challenge. I decided to try to sell the most of a certain product and take the most money each day and in the end I won an award for it! Now I apply that 'set myself a goal' mindset to everything. For blogging, it could translate as starting a new feature, setting yourself to write a certain type of post every week or even committing to taking a break 2-3 days from it all. Or it could be that something as simple as a little redesign will make it feel 'fresh' again. I always find it helps to look back through some of my favourite posts, too!

    You've achieved so much(!) that I think it would be a shame to stop, but it would also be a shame for you to carry on not enjoying it.


  5. Maybe take your blogging from a new perspective? I originally had my blog leaning heavily towards fashion, but then I realised I wanted to reach into other areas, and so it's much more fun for me now. Whatever you do, good luck! x

  6. I just found you on Twitter, and now here, so I don't want you to quit blogging! I agree with Honetsy Tay: write posts from a different perspective. That might relight your creative spark. For my blog, Stylish Ole Woman, I have way too many ideas and not enough time to write all the posts I think of!

    I love your blog, It's fresh and vivid.

    Don't quit!

  7. I tried to insert a photo to go with my comment, but it didn't work. My site is Please stop by.

  8. maybe try a new blog design, switch things up. and write down ideas about anything and everything. the smallest things can make a great post sometimes. take your camera everywhere and snap away. I don't know what else to say :(.. I've been through that too. also, now I keep a blogging planner and I love to sit and plan posts and see what I have planned in colorful pens and paper. but maybe that worked just for me. :(

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  9. I know exactly how you feel, but honey your doing great!!
    My blog and I have been separated for a year and it's so difficult to try and get it running again so please don't give up you've grown so much! :) I'm very proud!

    You and your blog are in a relationship, you've been dating a couple of years now and yes its bound to go stale but that doesn't mean you've lost your spark ;)

    You've got something that other bloggers don't have, you love to bring people together, you created an amazing platform for fellow bloggers which I personally think is FANTASTIC!

    You just need to get back to Jess and LWIG and find that spark.

    What would you do if LWIG was your boyfriend of 2 + years... you'd be expecting a commitment right?

    Well, I think that's what you both need here, you need some vows.

    You need to make some promises to one another for the future and make a plan of what your future is going to look like. :)

    Then you need to throw some excitement in there with a big fancy wedding!

    Perhaps you could start an event of your own? a regular meet up with your follwers / FBL members (if you already don't do this)

    And what happens after a wedding? You go on a honeymoon and do exciting things together.. You said that you felt like you were in a routine and you broke this with your blog, but now your blogsband (husband +blog haha) is your routine, you need to take your blogsband out on some exciting dates, try something new and exciting :)

    You were honestly the only thing that was keeping me blogging back 2 years ago with your amazing comments :D So, i'm here to return the favour :)

    You can get this spark back!!

    Try drawing one thing a day, it could just be a crappy doodle but its something new to break up the routine.

    Collaborate with local creatives, photographers, stylists, designers a fun way to network as well as generating new projects to blog about.

    Have a goal for each week.

    You review a lot of products maybe you could branch out into other items you've bought recently such as skin care products.

    Hair care, you could teach others how to care for their hair, share your product knowledge on which products are good for afro hair which are bad, what can help with management, how to take care of weave, how to style extensions etc..

    Find something that inspires you that you can share with your followers..

    interviews with people who interest you,

    again with collaborating with designers and brands and such.. you could host a tour of what they do

    I could keep rambling on and on.. you just need to find that spark again..

    I know you will! :)

    If you can believe.. you will achieve :) <3

    Chloe x

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