Don't you just love Christmas! It is the one time of the year that I get a fuzzy feeling in side and am thankful for my loved ones. The other perks of this festive month are the presents. Who doesn't like waking up in the morning and ripping through the finely wrapped Christmas paper to get to those coveted gifts. 

But what I hate is buying presents. Why, because I always try to get the best gift for my loved ones, and I always leave it to the last minuet! Luckily I was contacted by fragrance direct to review a perfume (I chose Marc Jacobs "Dot") and choose  stocking fillers up to £20. Now, this was really great as it gave me great gift ideas I could give to my female friends and family. Also it wasn't too expensive, so it is great for someone on a budget.

So I must admit I am a sucker for packaging and it was the packaging that drew me to marc jacobs "dot" perfume. As you can see, not only was the outer packaging great but the actual bottle was so pretty with the ladybird and flower theme. I had high hopes for the fragrance and was not disappointed. The perfume gives a floral smell which lasts a while and can be worn at several occasions, and by different ages. Deffo a good Christmas present, I'm just going to be sad when it finishes, I can't bear to throw away the bottle.

Now on to the stocking fillers, £20 may seem like a tight budget to get quality stocking fillers, but I was able to choose really nice beauty products from fragrance direct website as everything is so affordable!

I always find that bath sets make a great gift, especially when you aren't suyre what to get someone. I mean we all need to wash don't we, so I chose the GRACE COLE EASTERN SPA MINI INDULGENCE GIFT SET £3.99   which came with a moisturiser, bodywash and a body ball and the packaging is so cute!

You can never get enough of lipsticks and glosses, I should know I own over 65(I know that is a lot). I chose the  MANHATTAN SOFT MAT LIP CREAM IN 95M £0.99  becuase I had never heard of the brand before, and was curious to try it out and the price was too good to pass up! Truthfully the colour is a bit light but I think paired with a brown liner it should look pretty.

Remeber when I used the apocalips lipgloss to create this look back in the summer. Well the brand had released a RIMMEL APOCALIPS IN ACROSS THE UNIVERSE £5.50 a red tone lipgloss with a slight pink undertone! I'm in love and cannot wait to do a look with this!

W7 is a brand I have been wanting to dabble in for a while, I was intrigued by the W7 DELUXE GEL EYE PENCIL WITH SMUDGER IN BLACKEST BLACK £0.99 . I've only swatched the product but I like it beause it is a gel and pencil in one.

Finally are the ACTIVE COSMETICS GLAMOUR EYELASHES £4.99 .This last year has been  the year of the eyelashes for me and I constantly go through  heaps, so these would make a great gift.


  1. WOW this is like eye candy for me! I'm the exact same as you... Packaging sucks me in! I want something pretty to display! Xx

  2. The Marc Jacobs Dot is sooo cute, it would be a perfect Christamas gift ^-^
    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Cool eyelashes. I need to learn to apply fake ones - I'm useless with it.
    Adela x

  4. I love the Marc Jacobs bottles, they're always so elaborate :) B x

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