Many of you may remember the 28th October for the crazy storm that happened. I remember it for another reason, the Next blogger workshop(#nbnworkshop). Yes, the poor weather was not going to stop me from this event.. so I glammed up, braved the weather and headed over to The Hoxton Hotel for an exciting yet informative day!

As soon as I stepped into the hotel, I was in awe of the venue. It was totally different from any other event I had been to and resembled a swanky flat, which I have now decided will be my dream home! I was greated by bloggers Renee,Vanessa and Akey, as well as members of the Next team and Jam agency superstar Gemma, who was so cool in person! Gemma made me feel comfortable, but most importantly showed me to the breakfast spread. It was like she knew I had a weakness for breakfast pastries! Much love,girl!!

We were quickly divided into groups, to enjoy three workshops that focused on topics that are important for bloggers . These were Branding& Advertising,Photography & Film and SEO & Web design.

The Branding and Advertising workshop was hosted by Abimarvel, creator of the apartment and Emily from Fashion Foie Gras. This was one of my favourite workshop, maybe because I studied marketing at Uni and love everything to do with this subject. Anywho, this workshop focused on knowing your brand and effectively promoting yourself. It taught me to take risks, not to be scared and most importantly be polite to everyone, as you never know what will happen when you meet the right people! I really connected with this workshop as I really want to be a better blogger and use my skills to get my dream job as a social media executive. Not to mention I would like to take  the FBL network and #fblchat to the next stage! So this talk was very inspiring.

Next was the Photography and Film workshop hosted by Vivianna from Vivianna does make up and Lily from Lily Pebbles.  This was an exciting and informative workshop about photography basics, as well as tips about venturing into the world of Youtube.I have become a photography enthusiast as of late, and have recently ventured into Youtube.So this was very helpful!!

The final workshop  was SEO and Web design.Which was hosted by digital marketing aficionado,  Diego Puglisi from Green light digital and Faye from fashionbeautetc  I found that this was the most eye opening, I have a rough idea of the basis SEO but there is a lot more to it than I thought. The web design section was great, as we got tips on how to improve our design of our blogs.

As well as the workshops, Next and Jam provided a fun snapchat bingo competition,lush food,amazing goody bag and a really nice cocktail session after! All in all I had a great time and learnt loads. Thanks Next!


  1. I LOVE that dress you're wearing!

  2. It looks AMAZING! Glad you had fun xx

  3. wow sounded like a wonderful event. Hope they do more in the future. Lovely outfit :)




  4. First this looks super fun, I need to find something like this! And second, super cute blog!


  5. You look beautiful!
    I adore your dress <3
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  6. you look so nice Jess! Stunnng outfit :)

    Looks like so much fun!

  7. cool post! cakes looking amazing! would you like to follow each other ? :-) XXX

  8. you look stunning Jess, love the pink lips!


  9. NEXT always put on the best blogger events! I've never been to one as I live too far but I always enjoy reading about it on blogs! I think I told you last time I left a comment (I don't do this as much as I'd like to as I tend to read blogs from my phone and when i try to comment, the screen always freezes!) but I just want to let you know how much I love your layout! Really like the header x

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