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Have you ever been at the point of your life when you just want change? it could be drastic or minimal, but these potential changes you make, could have a profound effect on your quality of life. I am most definitely at this point, especially with the chain of events in my life at the moment.

Although minimal to some, the change I seek involves my vision. Now not many of you guys know but I wear glasses as I am short-sighted, or have myopia as the doctors like to say. So in simple terms I can't see far away without my glasses.I have been like this since I was 12, and let me tell you it was a struggle to accept wearing glasses!! As I have matured, I have come to terms with my short-sightedness and even enjoy,at times,rocking fashionable specs. 

However, I do miss the freedom of  having 20/20 vision! especially on a night out. Steamed up specs are not sexy when your dancing in a crowded club. So, I decided to take the plunge and try contacts. As I like to think of myself as a little researcher, I stumbled upon ACUVUE contact lenses, which are one of the more popular brands in the UK. I found alot of key information about contact lense myths, such as contacts getting stuck in your eye, which lucky for me is a myth. 

In addition, I found a range of products and I will  go for the Acuvue  , once I visit the optician as they suit me better.

This talk about vision ,got me thinking about equally important issues make-up! so I created a look that was suitable for glasses and non-glasses wearers.

 Are you in need of a change? Do you wear contact lenses?


  1. You look adorable! One of the best decisions I ever made was to get contacts! I wear bifocals, and as much as I love a cute pair of glasses they can be such a pain! Contacts are pretty comfortable most of the time, and they are really hassle free! I think you should try it if you interested! =)

  2. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#182

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.

  3. wow pretty make up!! :)
    you look so nice with glasses :)
    I go out half blind lol! i cant wear contacts i need to learn how to use them! i only wear my glasses round the house haha!

  4. Great post! i hate wearing glasses my eyesight is so crap x

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  6. i have the same vision problem as u :( i hate the fact that i have to wear contacts and I NEVER wear glasses because i think they are in the way lol.. u look amazing with And without glasses :) love ur lipstick.. xx

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