London we love you!

I have realised that since I have started working just outside of London, I have missed the perks of my favourite city. Diverse people, shops on every corner and dare I say it... London Buses and Trains. Yes people, it is quite obvious by my previous posts and this one today that I have to declare that I LOVE LONDON. 

It is this love which spurs me and some other interns on my placement to visit Central on payday to explore London's treasures. During a recent payday me and my intern friends Razel and T visited China Town and tasted delicious chinese food. It was a night mixed with fun, laughter and full bellys!

What are your favourite places to visit?


  1. The first photo is super cute! I definitely understand your love of London, even though I've only visited a few times. I'm so excited to move there in August/September - I plan to explore endlessly :)

    <3 Shawna

  2. your blog inspired me so much! london is a beautiful place and I will live at march for eleven weeks in Camden.. my biggest wish comes true! follow your blog! <3

  3. I love London, too! I've only went there once, but it's definitely one of my faves.


  4. I love London so much, but living here you tend to forget it's charm, so it's great to see a reminder like this!

    e x


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