So I'm moving on up!

I am so happy, I woke up today with a lovely email from saying that I am a top editor pick of the day.I am so happy and was not expecting it at all. I would like to thank all the bloggers who have supported me and read my blog, you guys make blogging so much more worthwhile. In other news, it is snowing! I love the snow but don't like cold weather so I enjoyed the snow from the comfort of my bedroom. It looked beautiful though, did any of you brave the cold weather and play in the snow??


  1. I'm in Texas, so no glorious snow. =( It's not winter without it. Boo.


  2. Congratulations Jess!! That's wonderful :D

  3. Well done Jess! You definitely deserve it, you're blog is fab and always full of unique, interesting and professionally written and presented content. One of my faves :)
    Please check mine out too if you get a chance...

  4. Congrats, that really is wonderful! As for snow, although there's only been 2 days of snow here (in mid January) this year, I definitely agree that I like the look of it more than the cold of being outside in it. Enjoy the view from your bedroom! ;)

    <3 Shawna

  5. Ahhh well done! :) I love your blog! xx

  6. Congratulations

    lovely blog :)


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