Nail Art:: Pink and Gold

First of all thanks for the support on my Look entry, obviously I am sad that I didn't make it, but I want to say a big congrats to the girls who did, some of them were really innovative! I might not of made it,but this experience has highlighted how important blogging is to me, I enjoy it so much and I can't wait to see the blog grow. But you know I will be coming back harder next year so watch this space...

This week I started of with plain hot pink nails by Barry M in Bright Pink, I get bored quite easily and what materialised was this design. I used Bloom's Goldie for the other half and then my Claire's nail art pen. What do you think? More outfit posts to come!


  1. very nice combination!

  2. Keep the blogging spirit going, Jess. You've got something good going here.

    Really love the aztec nails. So neatly done - love it! x

  3. Thanks Cookie
    Thanks for the support Sarah

  4. These are awesome!!

    Helen, x

  5. Love these, they look great! x

  6. These are super cute! Wish i was good at nail art! xox


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