The holidays bring a sense of calm, and a  sense of appreciation for those around you. Before my blog break, I was asked by beauty brand, Just my look with a Christmas themed project. This project,  had key bloggers partnered up for a beauty blogger secret Santa themed giveaway. Now I am a sucker for a good project, and giving back to other bloggers is what I love the most. With a budget of £20, I was paired with Helen and after having a sneaky peek through her blog, I realized that this girl was a lover of nail polish, eyeshadow and mascara. So I got her mini opi nail polishes, a nude eyeshadow palette and Max Factor mascara. I am glad you loved it Helen!

makeup revolution beyond flawless palette and red lipstick

I have to say the presents Helen got me were on point! Everyone knows I love my eye shadows and red lippie and my goodness did this girl go to town. Choosing my gifts from Make Up revolution, my girl got me the beyond flawless palette, a beautiful collection of nudes with shimmers and mattes. Perfect for the smokey eye look for the day time and night time. You did well Helen! I have heard so many good things about this palette and I cannot wait to create some fabulous creations with this.

make up revolution ultra eyeshadow palette makeup revolution beyond flawless palette

Next, I received the make up revolution colour blocks gift set in propoganada. The gift set includes 1 lipgloss, a red lipstick and red nail polish. Now if you know me enough, you know I am a red lip girl, and I am so happy to have received this, as you can't have too many reds right? Anyway, thanks Helen, you are the real MVP.

make up revolution colour block in propagandamake up revolution colour block in propagandamake up revolution colour block in propaganda

What did you get from Christmas? Let me know below.


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Hey guys I really appreciate your comments! Please leave a link to your blog so I can check them out too!