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On the 13th of February 2011, I started this blog and a year later, I started FBL Bloggers and the #fblchat. I have said it over and over again, that this blog was started with naivety. I never wanted to be the next Michelle Phan or Zoella or super blogger, I just wanted to have a place to voice my opinion, share my creativity and have a voice. When I was 20 years old, I didn't think I mattered. I wanted a place where I could show everyone who I am, and what I could do. I feel that blogging has allowed me to do this. You see, by opening myself up with my lifestyle series (it's ok series), constantly improving my content and working on my photography, and working on some amazing projects (Westfield, Black Hair Magazine & Kurt Geiger). I have truly transformed my life, realised that I can do anything I put my mind to, and grown with so much confidence in my ability. I say this after reflection, and I mean with 9 months of reflection. Have you clocked that I started this blog in FEBRUARY 2011? Yes, and in previous years I celebrated my blog-versairy. The reason I didn't, was because I was bored with blogging and I didn't feel like I had achieved what I wanted.

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As an ambitious woman, I have always had an idea of what I wanted to achieve and I thought my blog and opportunities were stagnating. Through opportunities, going to the same events, doing the same thing. I was bored. Things had changed from how blogging was a few years ago. Now, you can be blogging/Instagramming or You tubing your way to stardom, in a few months and get amazing opportunities. In the past, you'd have to work a few years to get amazing opportunities.  As a digital marketer, I understood this. As a changing digital landscape led to higher competition, better knowledge in blogging/content creation and thus more opportunities. I got that, I acknowledged it.. but as a creative, it bothered me. I realised, that even though FBL Bloggers was my baby, I put a lot of time into it and not my blog. When I would go to events, you'd all be so lovely about how you loved the network and said oh your FBL! or your #FBLCHAT. In this moment,  I felt I didn't have an identity again. I was this entity, but really I am Jessica. I am not an entity. I was lost, frustrated and just kept on pushing with "blogging" cause that is all I had known for the last 5 years.  So I didn't feel like I should celebrate, because what had REALLY changed?

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The moment, I started to check myself was when I had a few chats with certain blogger friends ( Christine, Banke, Charlotte, Josh, Albertine )  and my  friends & family too.They validated my success and would tell me how proud they were of me. Call it what you will, but that is what I needed to hear. They acknowledge my hard work, and it made me feel better. After taking myself out of the blogging bubble this year. I decided to think about why I started this blogging journey. I am a creative and wanted to create content, and so I will continue to do so. How I do it, is the issue. I need to shake things up, if I want to see change and reach where I think I should be. Whether that be even better content, relatable copy or Youtube (my next step), if I want to be happier, I need to think outside the box. I also need goals, for this site. I can no longer blog as a "hobby" in fact I don't do that anymore. It is kinda like my 2nd job after working in social media and running FBL Bloggers. However, I need to realise that I need to do all of this in my own time and enjoy what I am doing. It isn't a race, I am not forced to create content... I WANT TO.

Fur Gilet

So from here on, I declare that I will continue to collaborate and work with brands I love, and I will do Youtube (eventually). Most importantly, I will continue to blog for me and enjoy it. Sometimes we have times of doubt or frustration. But use this frustration to recognise  your successes and restructure your strategy. What do you think?

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  1. It's interesting and encouraging(realizing we're all human) to find out that even veteran bloggers like yourself have this challenge of getting more exposure or getting where you want to be despite all the effort you put into your blog. As a baby blogger(2years) I've had this frustration on and off this year, but I love doing it so I continue. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved the whole post, Jess but this part especially "I need to realise that I need to do all of this in my own time and enjoy what I am doing. It isn't a race, I am not forced to create content... I WANT TO.". You're so right, it's not a race and people's lives run on different timelines. Yours was one of the first blogs I found when I starts to get into blogging, that wasn't one of the super bloggers you mentioned and I think you've achieved so much and always envy how much hard work you put in to run all your endeavours at the same time. Glad to hear you'll be continuing your content on here - I will, of course, be sticking around 🙋🏼xx

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  4. Thats my girl I have enjoyed following your success and seeing you go up a little bit higher each time. Keep being real that is what sets you apart. There is only one Jessica and I love you!

    Rasheeda Cullen

  5. Love the honesty and realness in your posts Jess! I've been stalking your blog for time. Way before we became friends lol, and having the pleasure of working with you. What you state as to why you started your blog, is what you have achieved and you are successful! I'm forever grateful for the guidance you have given me, starting my blog this year, and you are my fairy blog-mother. And you're right, blogging is not a race. I guess the key is to be passionate what you do, and why you're doing it! Anyway, exciting to see whats next with the blog :) X

  6. I've always doubted myself when it comes to blogging and these past few weeks I only posted once per week as I wasn't really feeling it and just felt like it was becoming more of a chore than anything. Now my perspective has changed as blogging changed my life when I first started four years ago and it gives you something to focus your mind on and build on! This is the reason why I will stick with it and because I've finally found my happy place again and focusing on my content and photography to give a more better and personal experience to my readers :) Blogging is hard especially when juggling a full time job like myself but I would never give it up as it really does change your life and build your confidence like you mentioned in this post xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

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  8. Kudos on your over five and a half years of blogging, on your social networking and on the success of the #FBLchat Twitter chats for fashion beauty and lifestyle bloggers (#Fbloggers, #Bbloggers and #Lbloggers). I love reading your blog posts, love your Tweets on Twitter. as @JD_lwig, and am looking forward to eventually seeing you in more YouTube videos. :D

    You look beautiful in all of the photos above. I love your eye-makeup and the orange lipstick.

  9. Finally an article i've from beginning to end of sny blog so far. I can really relate to you when you mentioned you were bored of blogging cause you weren't reaching the goals you had in mind. I have been blogging for 5 years too and i used to have that feeling as well but then i thought if i dont believe in what i'm doing who will? So that's when I got all my motivation back together and still working hard to get my blog where i want it to be :)

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  11. I loved this post so much, you really spoke to my heart and this was totally reliable. I love the blogoesphere because I feel that here we have a safe place where we can be and express ourselfs to the fullest.
    I love FBL so much so thanks for creating that Jess!
    Keep doing what you have been so far and I wish you the best of lucks <3

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  13. Ah, Jessica this is SO what I needed to hear. Just last night I got myself feeling all sick looking at some of my favorite blogger's IG feeds/YouTube videos. It's like you know it's all an illusion, but even beyond how "perfect" their feeds looks, you see the sponsorships they're getting, you're watching MAJOR brands fly them all over the world, yet you've been working so hard, tirelessly, struggling. You KNOW you have the potential, you KNOW you could do it if you had the chance. So it's easy to get down on yourself and start asking yourself tons of questions and filling yourself with self-doubt.

    Comparing yourself to other successful people when you're an overly ambitious person is extremely hard so I know how you feel. You've been working so hard for such a long time. At least we're in this together :)

    Wishing you even mroe success!

    - AB |


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