It's no secret that for the most part, 2019 has been a win for me. I like to remember this year as the warm-up, a year where I had a lot of first, a year where I had put myself out there and achieved things beyond my wildest dreams. So it is no surprise that I am super proud of myself! So yay me :) 

I am determined to make 2020 bigger and better. The only way to do that is to have goals and aspirations to look forward too! As I work in the weird and wonderful world of digital advertising, I am used to setting up KPI's (Key performance indicators) in order to set measurable goals to analyze the success of a campaign or project. However, I am a visual and free-thinking babe, and I don't like to live my personal life like that.  So the best way to visually set out my goals is via a vision board. What's a vision board, Jess? a vision board is a visual collection of images that represent certain goals and affirmations. You can create a vision board based on your own timescale.. so usually, people do lifetime ones, yearly ones, monthly ones. It is up to you. 

A vision board has many benefits...

  •  A vision board makes your dreams clear and gives you better focus

  • It can make you more creative

  • It gives you motivation

  • It increases your chances of success

Now I first came across vision boards about two years ago at a vision board party. It was the best thing I ever did when I was going through a hard time.


However, as I am a digital babe, I took to Pinterest to create my vision board for 2020. I feel it allowed me to to take it everywhere I went, and to remind me of my why for this year. I truly hope I can achieve my goals, but if I don't it is least I had a visual for of manifesting my dreams. Please note, that a vision board is only the first step to achieving the goals you need to also set out how you are going to achieve them with clearly defined steps.

So are you ready to achieve your dreams?

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