Lust list 020

  1. EARRINGS-ALDO £8.00
  3. BOOTS-H&M £17.00
  4. WEDGES-H&M £12.00
  5. NECKLACE-MAWI £485.00

Hey all, we are having such lovely weather aren't we! I've literally been chilling,going to BBQ's and  of course shopping! but only a little bit with my vouchers. Since I am a little skint at the moment, I have been doing more window shopping. Since moving back home, I have very little space for clothes.. however I am loving accessories at the moment! Here are my top picks:

I love triangles for some reason, especially in jewellery form. Every time I pop into ALDO, I am more intrigued with their jewellery collection than their shoes. I have been eyeing up these earrings for a while now and it seem inevitable that I will purchase them soon. They also come in pink,but I think I prefer the mint pair.

Now, I would love a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch! Although pricey, they are pretty and look like they would last a long time. It is going to be a while until I can buy one of these bad boys,but with graduation coming up..maybe this could be a cheeky surprise? I doubt it though lol.

Everybody and their dog knows I love me a pair of shoe boots, thanks to the H &M sale I think I just may add these too my collection.. what do you think? Also I especially love wedges, I have so many, that have never graced the pavement, but these wedges are so pretty! I have actually ordered them and they should be here any day..eek can't wait!

Mawi is a brand which I have been raving about for yonks now!! I just love the aesthetic of her brand ..totally different to anything I have seen before. Once I get a proper job I am definitely investing in some of her pieces!


  1. Great post! I love Marc by Marc Jacobs watches! xx

  2. the wedges are absolutely perfect and only 12 quid that's crazy! I also love the watch, I never really imagined silver and rose gold would go so well together :)

  3. I love the wedges and the watch! :)
    emmerliejay x

  4. hey! really fantastic blog, just had a look through some of the posts and had a look at the one on LFW, found you on TSR and will be giving you a follow, if you have time can you take at look at my blog?
    much love! x

  5. I have such an infatuation with watches, that Marc Jacobs one is absolutely gorgeous! ^.^
    flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^

  6. I really do love the watch and the h&m shoes are a beaut!!


  7. Im in love with with the wedges if only they were abit higher, but love the whole monochrome feel to it.

    pls check out my blog would love ya opinion

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