Hey all I love to change my hair all the time! In between my weave and my braids, I usually rock clip-ins but I have never really showcased them here on the blog. I was sent these clip-ins from salon confidential to review.

Here is a little bit about the clip-ins:

Salon Confidential, created by celebrity hair stylist Stephanie Stevenson. The clip-ins come in a variety of shades and is made from  modafibre material, which emulates the look and feel of real hair. As a result NO HEAT can be used! The hair I chose was the volume wave in black and all the lengths of the clips-in are 18 inches.There are 12 individual wefts which, when placed throughout the head, give a natural layering effect. Each set includes an instruction manual of where to clip in the extensions, some wefts have 3 clips, some have 2 clips and some have 1 clip. The hair normally last 1 - 3 months. 1 month for every day use, 3 months for every weekend use.

My verdict:

To be honest, I did like the outcome of the hair. I thought the hair was easy to apply. However, I found the texture was a bit hard to blend with my natural hair, it was very light and my hair is thicker, afro-Caribbean texture.I would find it difficult to blend with my hair if it was not relaxed. I would've preferred if the clip-ins came in different textures such as yaki so it matched my hair texture more seamlessly. All in all, I can see it being a good alternative for a quick make-over. What do you think?


  1. Not my cup of tea but they certainly look good one you Jess. I guess its a lot easier and more convenient than having a weave.


  2. It looks good on you. I love your lipstick, what lipstick is it?

    :) x

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