You know, when I created my 2013 goals back in 2012, I did hope to update you all of how I have been doing with trying to achieve them. I haven't done this as of yet, and this is not because I have been lazy..totally the opposite. I have been mega busy this first half of the year  with my final year at University, blogging(especially FBL) and life really! but I have been working towards some of them. Anyway, the whole point of this post is to address 2 goals in particular which were:
    • Have a sick final year at Uni and graduate with a 1st 
    • Apply for fashion and beauty PR/Marketing and Buying jobs 
    So lets address the first goal:

     Have a sick final year at Uni and graduate with a 1st
    if you guys follow me on instagram, you should know I posted the image below.

    Yeah I got my results on the 25th June and to be honest, I felt nonchalant about it. It is a good grade, don't get me wrong, but I was really looking forward to getting that 1st. Not for employment prospects, as I am well aware that employers value work experience more than grades. But more for personal gratification, as I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I really thought I would nail it as I had been getting 1st's this whole year, as opposed to 2.1's from the previous years. 

    After chatting to the fam, I realised that I was being a bit silly. It is alright that I didn't get a 1st as it doesn't mean that I didn't work hard to achieve my goal! I worked damn hard actually, and I did get a 1st in my dissertation on fashion and beauty blogging, oohh yeah. Also Uni isn't about grades, it's also about the social aspect. I did have a sick time at Uni especially my final year where I played hard and had some fun shenanigans and also worked hard which reflected in my grade. So in short, this goal was kinda achieved! Roll on graduation!

    Apply for fashion and beauty PR/Marketing and Buying jobs

    Now that I have left the Uni bubble and am happilly enjoying #gradlife! I need to apply for jobs. I've applied for a few and been rejected from some but I am confident I will get a job due to blogging and my previous marketing experience. Blogging has made me realise that a career in fashion and beauty is ultimately what I want to do, but I have no idea which area I wanna go in to! either PR/marketing or buying or possibly a totally creative route. Ahh confusion.. in an aid to figure out which direction I wanted to take, this article from Quiz Clothing about Asking the expert, really gave me insight into what being a fashion buyer would involve. It also has a feature for all aspiring models too, so check it out.

    Soz for the long winded post! Are any of you graduating and possibly going the fashion and beauty route? Or are any of you in the industry? What advice would you give?


      1. It sounds as though you had a really great time at uni and it's not just the grades it's also the experience that counts, and a 2:1 is really great :). Good luck with the job hunt, I work in marketing but I got it internally rather than applying directly so this is also an option :) xx

        Almost Delightful

        1. Yeah I know! I realise this the overall experience was great :). Yeah I might try the contacts route also :)

      2. Ahh I do love your attitude to everything. I wish you well and hope everything comes through for you :)

      3. I have heard it said that some employers find a First off putting, as it kind of implies that all the person did was study, with no time for building up work experience or developing their interpersonal skills. So a 2:1 plus great real life experience sounds like the perfect combination. It certainly worked for me.

        I wish you every success in life. May all your dreams come true, even the ones you haven't had yet.

      4. Congrats!! A 2:1 is an amazing acheievement and, more importantly, you seem like you're really on the right path. Best of luck :) I really hope you find your dream job soon!

        Jodie xo
        à la Jode

      5. Congratulations with the 2:1!! And the first in your dissertation! I'm going into my third year in September and the thought of doing my dissertation is so daunting. Good luck with the job hunting and post-grad life!

        Jade | JadeFungBlog

      6. Congrats! I had the same feeling when I got my results last year, and like its been said already, getting a 1st says to employers that you're academic but not much else. Be happy with getting the 2:1 and the 1st in your dissertation because it is an amazing achievement. Good luck with the job hunting! x

      7. Congratulations and good luck with the job hunting :)

      8. Congrats and don´t give up on your goals, keep going until you reach them even if the mountain gets high.

      9. Congratulations on your 2:1!! :D I'm sorry to hear it wasn't what you were hoping for but it sounds like you really made the most of Uni and had an amazing time and that's what's important :) Your dissertation result is incredible!!
        Good luck with the job hunt, I'm sure you're gonna do awesome :D
        Love Holly x

      10. Well done you! This is an amazing result and you should be proud! Good luck job hunting :)
        Adela x

      11. Best of luck with your job hunt Jess!

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