Birthday pressies

This is the final post in the birthday series, above are some of the gifts I received from my friends and family for my 21st. Some of the items may be familiar and that's because I featured them here. Looks like my nearest and dearest actually resorted to looking at my lust list as I was so indecisive,My mum got me the boots from ASOS, its quite a statement piece and you know I'm going to have fun styling it up! The big sis got the leopard print shoes which are so lovely and they feel like real fur. I really want to pair this with an all black outfit with red nails, what do you think? yay or nay.

My besties surprised me with the Thomas Sabo Bracelet. Its so pretty, its on my wrist now, thanks girls! I appreciate all the gifts and I still have a few coming in so you might see them in an future outfit post.



  1. Happy 21st! I love those shoes and boots - the black and red outfit sounds perfect to go with both.

  2. Happy belated birthday. I love the bracelet, it's so cute :)!


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  4. Oh, these are looking adorable! And that Thomas Sabo bracelet is reminding me of my teenage age. I use to love those bracelets back then. Now I am recently thinking to buy cheetah print heels as those would look so chic in today’s fashion I have even saved up some amount that I earned from giving online dissertation help. So yeah, thank you for sharing this!

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