Its just one of those days...

 Lipstick~Ruby Red Collection 2000
Eyeliner~Barry M 
Dress~Clothing at Tesco
Snood~Miss Selfridge
Leggings~New Look
Belt~Pack of 3 Primark
Bracelets~Thomas Sabo and Ghana

I have been feeling slightly down lately, just due to a few issues in my personal life. Thankfully I am starting to feel better thanks to my family and friends, its really nice to have people to talk to and vent your pressures and frustrations to. If you find it hard to let yourself be vulnerable(like I do), then I highly recommend getting a diary just to vent. I was never the one for diaries but a friend convinced me and it seems like a healthy and therapeutic way to let everything out. I'm in the search for a cool looking one with a fancy pen, I am convinced that this will encourage me to write more. What do you guys do when you feel down?do you write in a diary? vent to friends and fam? or do you do something totally different?


  1. hello! I saw your blog on the IBB blog thing and i thought i would follow you because it is really cute!
    Your scarf from miss selfridge is really cute, how long ago did you get it because I was wondering if it would still be in the shops?

    I would really apreciate it if you would spend a minute to check out my blog too! xxxx

  2. Hi cute blog I found u on IBB are u interested in following each other?

  3. that scarf is gorgeous <3

    hope your ok xxxxx

  4. Gorgeous scarf! :) Glad you're starting to feel better...hope it carries on that way :) xx

  5. Great look!! And your hair is really nice.. thanks for the comment xx

  6. Did you use a lip liner and if so which one ?

    thanks x


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