Jewellery Haul

Hey guys,

Well blogging is addictive. I am supposed to be sleeping but instead I am taking pics of my collective haul! I've bought loads in the past few months and I have been promising you for ages that I'll be doing a haul video. However, with revision and placements yadda yadda yadda, I wouldn't have time to do a video and edit. So, since I was playing with my new camera and my room was actually clean; I thought it was the best time to do a few pics of my haul. 

I've had to split it up since I have been shopping quite a bit recently,so here is the jewellery haul
First row: Oversized Angel Wing Earrings~ Topshop, Arrow Earrings~ASOS, Beaded Hoops~ Dorothy Perkins

Second Row: Flower Earrings~Primark, Pyramid Earrings~Topshop, Teardrop Leaf Earrings~ New Look , Feather Earrings~Internacionale

Third Row: Spike Earrings~ASOS, Vintage Style Earrings~Love,Hearts and Crosses, Small Angel Wing Earrings~Topshop

First Row: Pearl Bracelet~Primark, Snake Bracelet~Primark, Heart Bracelet~Peacocks

Second Row: Round Bracelet~Primark, Peacock Ring~New Look concessions, Armour Ring~Primark, Oversized Stone Ring~ASOS, Oversized Blue Ring~Primark


  1. nice accessories : ) i especially like the snake bracelet!

  2. Hi, thanks for the nice comment on my blog post. Yeah, definitely try to get back into the drawing if you can, it's a very nice and productive activity :)

    Your blog is really coming well nicely. Those earrings look gorgeous! Keep up the fab work :)

  3. you're jewellery collection is so colourful, love it

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. @ Hannah thanks I like anything colourful

  5. Amazing collection! like you, I'm a jewelery addict as well! xx

  6. @ Nadine I love jewellery gonna buy some more soon

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