If you've followed me for a while, you know I run a blogger network called FBL Bloggers,  home to the bloggers favourite chat the #fblchat. Where we discuss key topics in blogging every Tuesday (8-9 PM GMT) and Saturday (3-4 PM GMT).
Navy bomber jacket

Now, I told you that for 2 reasons:
1) For a shameless plug, seriously join its amazing.
2) I missed you all. I missed who I was as a blogger, a creator and a friend to the community. So I took a much needed appearance to host.
Navy bomber jacketNavy Bomber jacket and denim dress

I decided to host a topic on losing your blogger mojo, a few weeks ago,  a topic dear to my heart as I've experienced it many times,  over my 5 years as a blogger. You know what I mean? The idea of blogging is so un-appealing that you'd rather do something else. My something else, has been catching up with Game of Thrones and spending time in the real world away from social media and it has been wonderful.

Navy Bomber jacket and denim dressNavy Bomber jacket and denim dress

From the chat, it was good to see many bloggers who felt the same and to understand why they felt this way. Many said life got in the way,  others were uninspired and needed to shake things up. Or some had just felt that their life as a blogger had ended. You know what? That's ok! Nothing in life is going to be rosy and fun all the time, and that goes with blogging too. I can say as much as I love blogging and FBL Bloggers, it isn't my whole life. I have other important life things that interest me, like my family and friends as well as other hobbies such as dancing, music, photography and art.
So if you still want to continue in the weird and wonderful world of blogging then ask yourself these questions:
1) Why have you lost your  blogging mojo?
2) Why did you start blogging in the first place?
3) What can you do to shake things up and make it interesting again?
4)* If you feel that you are done being a blogger, ask yourself what skills and lessons you have learnt and how you can apply it to your professional and personal life. Can you take those photography skills and become a photographer or content editor, maybe you just want to focus on photography as a hobby. Or can you use those social media and SEO skills, to go into digital marketing. Maybe being on Youtube has sparked your interest in a media career? Or maybe it has just helped you become more confident in general? 
If you want to get your mojo back this is what you can do:
  • Take a break- No point forcing yourself to write, just because you want to be relevant. Forced content is always so obvious and it is always so painful to write. So do yourself a favour and relax fam. Your followers will always be there.
  • Engage with your followers outside of your blog - Whether Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat or Periscope is your favourite social media channel, focus on those channels and create content on them. It may not be blogging in the same sense, but mandem, it is a way to stay current and create alternative content. Take me for example, I love instagram and photography, so I have focused on increasing my following and developing a content strategy on insta and I have hit over 2k, increasing by 1K followers. I also go to events when I want to be connected with the community. I still feel in the loop, but I just don't blog per se.
  • Shake things up-Tired of blogging, start a Youtube channel?  Maybe your blog needs a makeover?

Navy Bomber jacket and denim dress

Like I always like to say..I'm no expert. Butttt, I've been a blogger for a while now (5 years ) and I think my little nugget of advice can help...hopefully.
So how will I get my mojo back?  Your girl is going on YouTube again. I just need to edit my videos.


  1. Ooooh I look forward to seeing you on Youtube! I've lost mine a little this month and it's made me realise how obsessed I've become with numbers. I'm hoping to focus more on doing what I like than considering what will get the best pageviews or the most retweets on Twitter. I think that will really help me get my mojo back

    Steph -

  2. Love this Jess!
    My mojo is buried under my 9-5(6! even) at the moment.
    I think you are right, I've been dipping in and out for years and each time I come back in I've learnt something or developed something that I have taken back out into the real world and helped my career.

    Excellent advice as usual!

    Just hurry up with your Youtube OK? I like to watch videos while I get ready in the morning, your face needs to be part of my routine!

    Miss you xxxxxxx

  3. I think my favourite tip here is so shake things up. I can get a bit bored with my blog sometimes so it helps to just switch up the layout or start on a brand new project. It also helps for me to get inspiration from other amazing blogs.

    Goodluck with YouTube!! x

  4. Love this post Jess!

    I can't to see what you do with YouTube :)

  5. I totally agree with what you have written, a few weeks ago I lost my blogging mojo. I took a well deserved 3 weeks break I had no worries in the world about stats, numbers etc I just chilled hanged out with my friends without looking at my phone to see who has left a comment etc. Came back from my break made a few changes like migrating from blogger to Wordpress and now blogging is my thing lool can't wait to see your videos on YouTube

    Ese Janta

  6. Great advice, sometimes I do feel uninspired, but like you said, you need to list all the things you have gained from blogging. Reading and finding new blogs is always a good way to get re-inspired.

    Emma at

  7. Looks good, girl



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