Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to decide the best way to write this post. It is a post dear to my heart, one that I hope will help others in my situation. So I am going to be real with you, I am going to bear everything, and I hope you appreciate my honesty.

When I wrote the post about being unhappy, I was relieved for a few reasons:
 1. I finally came out to say how I was feeling and allowed myself to be vulnerable.
 2. I received lovely responses off-line and on-line.
 3. It gave me the courage to take the next step to feeling happy. 

Now if you follow me on Twitter (shameless plug), you'll know that one of the things making me unhappy was my job, so I quit. The day I quit, I didn't know I was going to quit. However, it was getting to the point where I was so unhappy, I couldn't function at work. I would cry in the toilets alot of the time, had anxiety and felt suffocated. My friends were worried, I was worried, so I decided to change that and leave.

Now I don't want you to think I worked in an awful place, I actually worked in one of the best places in my career. The office was modern, my team were lovely including my bosses.There were great perks, and I met some amazing people, who I speak to daily. So it sounds amazing, and it was, but not for me.

The reason I quit, was because the passion I had burning inside me, had been dulled for too long. Over this last year, I have had amazing opportunities come my way. Some haven't worked out, some are in the process. However, the catalyst for these opportunities was blogging. When I lept into blogging 4 years ago, there was only naievety. I wanted a creative hobby to brighten my repetitive life. 

Now 4 years down the line, this "hobby" has helped define who I am. I am more confident, I am more open, and I am more creative, but most of all I am fearless. This hobby awakened the  fearless woman inside me!

I knew I wanted to be a full time blogger, and take FBL Bloggers to the next level, because I wanted to give back to the blogger community. I wanted to have the autonomy to do what I wanted, when I wanted and because I loved it. So I chose what I love, a decision I will never regret. 

Although, I quit my job about a month ago, nothing is easy. Since, I have quit I always have to be mindful of the one important aspect to living comfortably, which is money. This aspect is not so worrying as I still live at home and have savings. However, I am doing freelancing on the side to keep me afloat. I don't exactly like it, but it is a necessary means to an end.

FBL Bloggers is an exciting venture, a lonely and hard venture. I am running a sole business, and I have gone from a vibrant bubbly office, with the people I click with, to my home office. Sorting out business strategy, blog posts and all the necessities for business is difficult for me, especially as I'm an extrovert. There are days where I feel so down. However, I make sure I get out and  about and do weekly activities to keep me sane. 

There is alot to do, and no doubt about it, this year will be difficult. But you know what? I am proud that I go for what I want, with everything in me. I don't stop because things maybe hard, I excell because they are difficult. In the end I will be better for it, I can feel it. Have you taken any risks lately?


  1. Such a wonderful text!! <3

  2. I admire you for having the courage to overcome your anxieties, forego some security, and follow your dreams, tapping into your creativity and potential. You blog (and Tweet) beautifully. I love this blog and your Twitter @JD_lwig and @FashBeautyLife I apologise for screwing up and forgetting to join in the #fblchat - are they it on Tuesdays at 8-9pm GMT? I think that's either 2-3 or 3-4 PM across the pond here on the U.S. East Coast.
    No, I have not taken nearly enough risks. On Friday, 1 May, 2015 there is supposed to be a No Pants Day (no trousers, knickers on display). Being a lingerie fashion (full brief panties) blogger, I SHOULD participate, but not knowing where there's a group doing it together I'm having trouble mustering the courage to venture out in public in my panties on Friday even though it's part of my dreams.
    Kudos to you, however, for having the courage to follow your own dreams. You're an excellent fashion/ blogger.

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  3. As someone who has recently left their job - which was a huge risk - to blog full time and freelance write/film... I absolutely love this post lady. So inspiring to hear your story, I'm sure your stunning blog and FBL Bloggers will be an even bigger success than it is already :)


  4. you are so brave! I couldn't do that if it was me, maybe. I admire you for pursuing what you really wanted!

  5. Wonderful post! Good on you for taking control of your life and follow your passion! :D


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  7. I am so proud of you this is absolutely amazing hun and well done for following your passion, money is the hardest part but you will get there you are so charismatic and determined xxx

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