It is pretty weird that I didn't start the year with this type of post. It is even more weird that I started my reflection post at the end of January, but I felt that I really wasn't ready to reflect on the previous year. After a lot of soul searching and recent changes in my life, I am ready to reflect on 2014.

So if I cast my mind to my 2014 goals I wanted to achieve 4 things, to pass my driving test for the 4th time; get a job in social media; successfully complete the 52 week saving challenge and finally have a sick 2014. So how did I do?

Well firstly, I didn't pass my driving test in 2014. No, I didn't fail it again.. I just didn't take the test. That was mainly due to the fact that I had no interest or motivation to drive. Motivation or desire to drive is an important aspect to driving, and I felt neither. So why waste my money? I did start learning to drive again in the summer, and I  have booked my test. I know I will pass this time! Because I believe in myself, I understand the roads better and to be honest, after nearly 5 years of learning to drive on and off, it is time for me to get my license. There is no excuse, and I will not hear the words, "I am sorry you failed". Failure does not exist this time.

So 2014, saw me finally get a job as a social media manager in a B2C brand. It would seem that I achieved my goal right? Well kind of, after working as a social media manager for 10 months with my previous company; I realised that it wasn't for me. It was hard, as that was where most of my experience lied, and to come to the realisation that what I thought I liked, was not making me happy was a difficult pill to swallow. I have since left my job, and I am working in fashion, digital marketing where I create on-line campaigns. I will write a separate post on my career journey.

I did indeed save during 2014, not as much as I had hoped and during the way I kind of got bored of the challenge. But, it did make me re-think my spending habits, which did rapidly increase in the latter parts of the year. Nonetheless, I still put  money away in my saving accounts whenever  I can.

Finally, did I have a sick 2014? If I look at the positives and negatives, I can say I did! I went to loads of Fashion and Beauty events, I went to Prague and Tenerife, which were amazing. I went to award events, spoke about blogging at a number of events, I turned 24! I was accepted onto the We Are Dope mentorship to help me take FBL Bloggers to the next stage. I mean, I learnt loads and I am glad I went through the difficult times, as well as the good times. As I believe 2015 is truly the year where I get to achieve my dreams.

How was 2014 for you?


  1. Great post Jess, sometimes its good to take time to reflect on new year resolutions. Look forward to hearing about your career progression and I know you'll pass your test this year. Keep smiling chick x

  2. Lovely reflection post. Everyone in my family still asks when I'm going to start my driving lessons again, but i'm scared of the road...

    Jenny xo -

  3. I love reflecting! Great post. I did that and as a result I have just quit my job and I'm planning a trip round the world. Which I never thought I'd do! Argh. x


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