Illustration by Kate Naylor 

Happy 2015! Is it too late to say that? Well I haven't officially said that on the blog yet, since I have been away for nearly a month. Yes, I know I am a bad blogger, but as I say every time I go away, I was enjoying life and working on some seriously sick projects! As you can imagine, the took a lot of my time away. I know you lovelies are eager to know what I am up to, so I will update you on this asap.

Speaking of sick projects, I was contacted by Simply Be  to take part in their #simplybereal moments campaign. Simply Be, contacted a handful of bloggers and wanted us to share our fashion blunders, mishaps and funny stories. The whole point of the campaign was to show that everyone has off days or days where they are less than perfect, hey we are all human aren't we?

My fashion mishap, occurred last July when I was in Hyde Park for a blog photo shoot with the lovely Jade Jenna. Literally, I couldn't ask for a better day, the sun was shining, the shoot was fun and my outfit was on point! At least, I thought it was. After shooting in one location for ages, we decided to move locations. Now, I need to emphasize to you that I was wearing my new,  beloved metallic flatforms from good old Primark. I am not the most confident when it comes to heels, but I thought that these were a safe bet as they weren't high. As I walked for literally, 5 minuets to the next location, one of my straps broke on my wedges! I was mortified, as I had one shoe in the middle of Hyde Park.

As I tried to gather my thoughts, I quickly remembered that I had spare shoes with me. Thank God, I did otherwise it would've been pretty awkward hobbling around central in the search for new shoes. I quickly changed shoes and continued with my shoot which turned out pretty well, as you can see.  I was pretty upset about my shoes, but the lovely guys over at Primark allowed me to swap them for a different pair, which are BEAUTIFUL!

I'd like thank Kate for doing this illustration of me. I seriously love it, she depicted my likeness and the story so well. Please if you have a spare moment check out her blog, too! She blogs about one of my favourite things in the world, FOOD. You can find her blog here (Messy Eats).

Have you ever had any fashion blunders?


  1. Oh my gosh that image is incredible and I really love the campaign- I think I forgot to email you back! Wah, am I too late?! I am so sorry my uni finals were taking over xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. I haven't had a photoshoot style like this as my sister usually takes my blog photos but it's good to know for future reference to always bring spare shoes! The photoshoot looked amazing despite that anyway :) xx

    Lauren |

  3. The campaign is a great idea and the illustration is very good! Talented illustrator there!! :)
    It's a good job you had a second pair of shoes with you. I never do this, but maybe I should learn from your example.

    Why am I not surprised about Primark though.. I would never shop from them until they imply at least some basic work standards and people friendly policy in their factories and the employees have better working conditions.

    Anyways, your post is great. What are the rest of the cool projects you've been working on?

    Lu |

  4. I love that illustration! Great post


  5. Beautiful illustration.

    Yes I've had such mishaps, last year on my birthday think I was dancing to hard and the buckle off my Topshop boots broke - ah beyond repair. Had to do some nifty D.I.Y in the toilets with an elastic band lmao. xo

  6. that illustration is beautiful! i'm glad you had a pair.


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