On the 15th May, I was invited to the Marks and Spencer AW14 press day. I was excited as M&S are a heritage British brand, and I had already worked with the brand before, so it was great to see what their AW14  collection had in store.

When I entered the venue, I was amazed by the luxe fabrics, tailored shapes, patterns and colours that the Marks and Spencer venue had. Walking round the collections it was very difficult to decide my favourite collections was, but I was drawn to the black and white fur coat. I know I must have this piece as part of my collection next season.

I was pleasantly surprised by the lingerie and make up from the brand! What really caught my eye was the Rosie for Autograph collection. I was particularly drawn to the level of detailing in the pieces, especially in the lingerie sets. I am a bit of a lingerie snob, and little extra details like this ,gets me excited about a piece.

I was quite surprised to see the amount of make up brands that M&S housed. A brand that caught my eye was Purminerals. Purminerals is an Atlanta based brand, which focuses on mineral based products, that improve your skin and last long. I had a little make over with the the brand, and I loved how light it felt. Sadly I didn't take pics of the finished look, but I did take a pic of my outfit.

All in all, I am excited by the collection. What is your favourite piece?


  1. Favourite piece? I have a few :( I love that black and white faux fur coat, the floral bomber and the black lace high-waisted lingerie set :D x

    1. Yes it was tough. They were all pretty.

  2. Ah, looks like a lovely event! I'm pretty drawn to that pink tailored coat and the blue leather bag, but it's all so nice :)

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