Do you like my new specs? I was contacted by Specsavers to review glasses and I absolutely love my new Missoni 26 glasses. The guys over at the Tottenham Court Road flagship store were so helpful when I went for my test, they even laughed when I smeared my foundation on the eye pressure machine.. ooops sorry guys. For all of you wondering, I am short-sighted and both my eyes are -2.75, which isn't so bad, but I really can't go out without my glasses, when I am out! They are a bit more chic than my other  glasses.  I love the bronzed colour especially the detailing on the side.

Now as these glasses are oh so stylish, I decided to do an outfit of the day post with them! It just shows that you can be stylish and chic even with a pair of specs. What do you think of my outfit? Are you a glasses wearer?


  1. Lucky you. Some girls look better with glasses on. I like the spec, because they are regal-looking.
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  2. Team #denim shirt !! ;) Thanks for visiting my blog and also leaving a comment. xx


  3. Loving the specs! I've missed wearing glasses after my laser eye surgery! :( lol just can't win! :D

  4. I love these! I used to have Missoni ones just like them, I have ones from the Gok Wan range now xxx

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