Friday, 8 February 2013


Both colours c/o Nails Inc

So notice anything different? yes that's right I have modified my header again.. I've added triangles! let me know your thoughts.. yay or nay? Anywho, I received these two nail polishes from Nails inc a while ago but I didn't have time to review it as I still had my shellac nails(see this post) , with my nails free from the shellac, I decided to try something different and experiment with the brands new invention concrete nails. Now, textured nails will be the rage this SS13 and Nails Inc have cottoned on to this with their new range. Concrete nails come in 4 colours Momentum and London Wall showcased above, with also Stonehenge and Marble Arch. 

Now when I first saw the pics of this nail polish I was very meh about it, as I couldn't really see the true nature of this nail polish. However, as a nail polish lover and a very curious person, I decided to give it a go. London Wall and Momentum are two colours at either end of the spectrum. The nude colour would suit someone who preferred the natural look, whereas the acid green would suit the more daring individual. As I believe I suit both ends of the spectrum I tried both, in my usual accent nail styleee. 

When I first took it out , it looked like a normal nail colour but it quickly started to change to the concrete effect when exposed to air and the nail. I found that once on the nail, I had to work very quickly with the product, as the effects were very quick. One layer is all you need and once it dried it was very much like conceret, hard and rough. I found that it took a bit to dry, but maybe I am just impatient. I liked the finished product and it looks very cool. I placed a top coat on one nail, because I was afraid that the top coat would reduce the texture but it 
just made it shiny, and to be honest I prefer the look sans the top coat.

So overall, I like the effect! it is going to take getting used to non-shiny smooth nails but I like to change things up. So do you think you will check out the concrete nails?



  1. Wow that looks amazing, never seen polish like that before. I am a big fan of Nails Inc as the colours tend to be fantastic and strong. Will definitely look out for these.

  2. I'm not feeling the textured nails trend! It reminds me of when someone's too impatient to wait for their polish to dry and starts doing stuff, resulting in pebble dashed nails. I like the colour of London Wall though. I'm staying away for now but I'm sure I'll end up getting swayed in a couple of weeks the more I see it around x

    1. looooool Jade, that is what my mate said.

  3. OMG, these are amazing! How have I not heard of this!? Loooove.

    The Style Rawr!

    1. Yep they are soo cool! Check out Barry M as well

  4. I love the lime green colour! Barry M are also doing textured nail polishes similar to this - I love their pastel shades xo

  5. ahah so funny!


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