London Fashion Weekend

Leather Jacket~Primark
Jimi Hendrix T-shirt ~Primark(Men's)

The end of September saw me meet up with Niki from Petitepip for SS13 of London Fashion Weekend.For those of you who don't know, I went to the AW12 with Niki back in February and I had a wonderful time. 

Although I had great time meeting up with Niki again, I felt this year's showcase was just meh... the goody bag was not all that cracked up to be and it was designed by Mulberry. The catwalk was okay but it wasn't as good as last season. 

There were some highlights though, the Henry Holland talk, looking at the gorgeous collection, free makeover and we had a magazine style shoot sponsored by Elle, although I waited 2 hours for my pic to be printed! 

It was great to come back again,but I think I will wait again before I go to fashion weekend , I think it needs to be more activities as we spent a lot of time just wandering about.

Have you ever been to Fashion Weekend?


  1. Love your outfit. Sounds like loads of fun, bit disappointing that it wasn't as good as previous though :(

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

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