BeauBronz blogger event for women with darker skin tones


Hi all,

I wanted to tell you about an amazing event I went to in early September hosted by The House of Beaubronz. The event was to celebrate Abi Olek's revolutionary tanning products for women with darker skin tones. Now you maybe thinking, well why do you need a tan if you are a women of colour? Abi O's tanning products cast away the preconceptions of tanning,they are all about providing a golden glow to darker skin. So you can achieve that summer glow even in the winter!

Abi demonstrated the product on the lovely model Lisa, the product included 8% DHA and we were amazed at the warmth and glow that was achieved with the spray tan. Abi then demonstrated the shimmer tan boost to me and my fellow bloggers. I was really excited to try this out,as not only is it loaded with 2 % DHA,which means your tan will be natural and glowing; but it had alot of shimmer, and what girl doesn't like shimmer.

We then heard from Miss Black Britain herself, Rikaya Tagoe, who is the face and the very first person to try the spray ran by Abi. It was nice to hear her experience of the product. A few of us recorded our thoughts on the product,including yours truly... I'd like to apologize for my slight shyness,filming is not my forte.

This was a truly fun event,not only because of the cakes and bubbly :D , it was great because I got to learn about a new product and meet new and lovely people. I was happy to also meet some bloggers and fellow FBL members, such as Lola,Victoria and Epiphannie.


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  3. Nice post.. Ive seen so many people talk about this tanning for women of darker skin tones.. what did you think of the results? I just don't understand why it would be neccesary... :/ Great post thoo :) xx

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