Roar 2!

Dress-  Vero Moda@ ASOS

Long time no see! Sorry I was away, I was off dealing with, well life. Anywho, I am back with an outfit of the day with one of my favourite dresses. You may remember this outfit from this post. Only difference is that I am rocking my trusty blue suede belt from good 'ol Primark. 

I never thought I would fall into the flatform hype,but I did! These shoes were the comfiest pair of wedges I owned. I say "were" as the left one broke with 10 mins! Urgh that is what you get for buying from ebay.. I knew they were too good to be true.

It was Leamen post from, that encouraged me to do another blog pot. I need a new header and she is a sick designer, so I thought why not? 

So what do you think? fan of the leopard print??


  1. Lovely outfit, that necklace is so nice never seen anything like that from Primark before. :)


  2. Hey, where on Ebay did you buy these shoes from? :) Which seller? Thanks!

    1. They broke but here you are:

      I wouldn't recommend them I returned them and got these instead

  3. I've only ever come across another black fashion/beauty blogger before so its quite refreshing to see yours :)
    I'm liking the outfit however I think I would have opted for a different coloured belt, a red one to match your lips.

  4. Great dress, also love the accessories!

  5. leopard print looks great on you & I love that necklace! definitely agree primark are doing well right now !x


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