LWIG:It's been a year....

Leggings~New Look

It's been exactly a year since I was thrust into the blogsphere and started LWIG:Look What I Got! What a year it has been, you know I started this blog to express a passion and it has done wonders for me creatively and personally.I love to blog not only because I am sharing what I love, but because of the people who read my posts. I have said it many times but honestly you guys are the reasons I keep blogging! I have made so many blogging friends since starting my journey and I hope to make many more as i continue to post.

I can't really pinpoint my favourite post since I started LWIG; but I have a few posts which I enjoyed

So I hope you guys continue to enjoy my blog, I have quite a few more interesting posts coming up. I wont be posting this much this week as I am going to Prague for work tomorrow so I am so excited!!


  1. congrats on your blogs first birthday! :) x

  2. Happy Blogversary LWIG (:

    -btw loving your leggings.

  3. Happy Blog-birthday ...p.s I cannot believe that blazer is from Primark

  4. Perfect coloured cardi to go with those leggings! Love this outfit :) x

  5. Congrats on surpassing your blogs first birthday - such an accomplishment! Love the outfit you're wearing here as well; the patterned leggings are so much fun :)

    <3 Shawna


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