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 *Note to self remember to take your camera out more, instead of relying on your phone, that way I don't get scary zombie eyes*. Happy Monday guys! Do you like my optimism? I know it's Monday and there is nothing really happy about it; I mean most of use struggled out of bed this morning and cursed the world for making the weekend go by so quickly.. sigh c'est la vie. 

Anywho, I spent my Saturday eating the best pizza ever(called Montego Bay) at Fire and Stone, ooohing and ahhing at monster heels from Kurt Geiger with my friend Nats(one day we will afford them) and watching Mission impossible 4, at Westfield White City. It was a great evening, all in all and all just hate the fact that the weekend was so quick.

What did you do on the weekend.


  1. Aww my boyfriend lives right next to the westfield in shepherds bush, when i visit him we go to fire and stone all the time ... the bombay pizza is soo nice! im gonna visit him tomorow! xx

  2. you look great!
    and I definitely recommend the hair care brand.. xx

  3. How lovely does that pizza look! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine and enter my free MAC cosmetics giveaway!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  4. Wowww that pizza is on steroids!!!!!

  5. Your blouse is just gorgeous!! I love anything floral! haha


  6. That pizza is making me so hungry! I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Check out my blog for details

  7. Lovely outfit, I haven't been on a shopping splurge in a while ohhh dear.

  8. So pretty!

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