Bye 2011, it's been fun!

As we are officially in 2012, I thought it was best to do a round up of my outfits in 2011 and what I hope 2012 will bring. Last year,my new year's resolution was to not to be afraid, and to push myself outside my boundaries. I think I achieved this resolution in many ways because for one I started my  blog. It might be sound over dramatic but my  blog has really changed my life, as it has re-ignited in a passion that I thought I had lost,so it has been one of the best decisions I made last year.

I spent 9 months of the year applying for internships,getting rejected from many of them and finally getting one in the Summer. This was  a frustrating experience,but I'm glad I stuck it out. I also made a special effort to spend more time with my friends and family,and I am so glad I did as I got closer to people, not to mention I made new friends on my internship.

I entered the Look competition, lost but got invited to the look lounge. It was  my first blog event and  was so exciting and I was glad my blog was getting recognised, I am definitely entering next year, so lets hope I get further.

2011 was also special as I turned 21 and I went to Ghana for my birthday. It was exciting and I hope to go again soon. All in all 2011 was a good year for me, I haven't got a New Year resolution yet but I am definitely going to go hard on the blog and just enjoy life.

What's your New year resolution??? Also I have also done this post on Opal's blog from Opal Steven's blog. A big thank you for letting me write on your blog.


  1. Found your blog through #bbloggers, lookign forward to reading your posts!


  2. Great outfits! happy new year :)

  3. Lovely Style :). One Of my New years resolution is to blog more outfit post this year. Happy new year :D <3

  4. Nice outfits!
    Happy New Year, hope 2012 treats you well!

  5. great post! some really nice outfits :)

  6. Gymming is great.. you should really do it!! x

  7. Awesome post! Love seeing all your fun looks from the year! Kudos!

  8. Great fashion recap! I love your style!

    *new follower


  9. great blog! I found you on tsr!


  10. Hey hun
    Loving the outfits! Using some as inspiration when I finally do my OOTDs :)
    Keep it up


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