The Lust List: 010

The Lust List:010
  1. Earrings~ASOS £8.00
  2. Dress~Mango £39.90
  3. Purple Shoe Boots~ASOS £45.00
  4. Black Shoe Boots~ASOS £75.00
  5. Floral Wedges~New Look £10.00
Don't you hate it when you are broke and the sales tempt you with goodies you can't afford! Ahh life, best thing I don't buy anything because my wardrobe is full to the brim!  This week's list is a little shoe heavy... I love shoes especially shoe boots which are perfect for A/W or a night out. If I was to purchase either one of the shoe boots, it would have to be the black pair.1 because I don't have a lot of black shoes and 2 I'm more drawn to the wooden heel/suede combination. <3

Now I have never bought anything from Mango, but browsing the website I stumbled upon this gorgeous dress! Leopard print, belted and a shift dress, yes  yes yes! Me and Mango are going to see a lot of each other in the future.

My favourite item this the floral wedges, I am tempted to put them in my basket and order them, please be there next week!

What are you lusting for?


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