Look Competition Entry

     In a far away land called LAN-DAN Town lived a little girl with a Big Passion for Fashion. The shoes, the colours, patterns  and skirts, this little girl couldn’t get enough.
She tried with all her might to create an outfit ,but her battle with the sewing machine was quickly lost. So she took a step back and said maybe not for me....
 The little girl was now a young lady, her  passion was reignited when she discovered blogs. Oh she loved the style ,the individuality and creativity and couldn’t get enough! So she started her own blog.   It grew and the young lady was happy ,but she was stuck.... how could she take her passion further? She stumbled on a competition and knew it was for her. From day to night she planned her entry ,hoping it was just right.
  She hastily entered and hoped for the best , hoping that her entry would be seen among the rest.
     What happened next? Well you will just have to wait and see ....

I hope you enjoyed my little fairy tale!,now I want to tell you about my fashion/blogging journey...

As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in fashion. If I look back on my childhood I think of two things that ignited my passion, Barbie and my Mum. Yes like millions of girls around the world I had a Barbie doll or 20; and in between creating dynamic stories for my plastic heroine, I was admiring her chic style. My mum is fearless , in personality and style. I can remember fondly laying on her bed as a child, and watching her pick her colourful outfits. She was never afraid to mix patterns, that many would shy away from, and her clothes were always influenced by our Ghanaian culture. I wished that I could be so brave yet so elegant with my style, she is truly my fashion icon.

As I grew up ,my love of fashion grew with me. I thought the only way to be in fashion was to be a designer, and as anyone in my Year 9 textile class knows, me and the sewing machine were not the best of friends. Knowing that being a designer wasn’t for me, I put my dream aside. It wasn’t until I was older and I was looking for ways to revamp my style, that I came across fashion blogs.

As I read more and more blogs, I was amazed by the level of response normal girls and guys were getting for just showing their personal style. This was the catalyst which made me start my own blog! And even though it has been 6 months, I absolutely love blogging. It has allowed me to get my creative juices flowing, express my passion for fashion & beauty, and share my interest with like-minded people. It has also reignited my desire to work in fashion, hopefully I will be able to pursue a career in fashion marketing or buying.

So why pick me to blog for The Look Show? Well I love Look Magazine. For me, Look is one of the few magazines that speak to me as a reader. Not only do you keep me gripped with the most coveted fashion and beauty items from the high street, you also provide inspiring real life stories of people pursuing the dreams against all odds, these stories encourage me to go for my dreams. Blogging for my favourite magazine would be a stepping stone in to the fashion industry. As a new blogger I believe I could bring a fresh, honest and fun approach. What excites me the most  is that as a normal person, I would get the opportunity to see  high street fashion at its best , and share it with my readers. Also the prospect of meeting other bloggers and taking pictures of the gorgeous outfit would be the icing on the cake!

Thanks for reading my mini essay, but I thought it would be best to speak from the heart.


  1. Great entry :).

    Helen, X

  2. I am a new blogger too & totally agree with you!! Blogging is a great way to be creative & express my personal style with other fashion lovers!!!
    Great blog entry!!!!! :-)

  3. Jess! This is so well written and one of the most different ones I've seen - well done and good luck! Have my fingers crossed for you xoxo

  4. Thank you it would be great if we both had the opportunity to get chosen :)

  5. Good luck dear! I've been reading look since forever amazing magazine. lovely entry <3

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean about Barbie inspiring a young girls initial love for Fashion. I was exactly the same. I remember first becoming obsessed with Vivienne Westwood when I was younger as I thought she looked so eccentric and interesting. She helped me get into Fashion too!

    Please check out my latest blog post if you get a chance :)




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