Guess what… I've been living my best life. Soaking up the sun, and you won't believe what I've been up to? – Diving headfirst into the majestic Caribbean waves! 🌴😎 Oh, you know I had to push myself out of my comfort zone, and baby girl, I did it not once, but twice! Once by the hotel, and today, I owned it like a queen at Dunn's River Falls!

But here's the thing! – My journey to this fierce swimmer status didn't happen overnight! Oh, no! I took adult swimming lessons, at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. I'm so glad I did.. Go me.

Whilst in Jamaica, I felt the need to push myself outside the realms of swimming pools! I’ve taken an interest in wild swimming and recently have been interested in exploring some of the UK’s best wild swimming spots.

Let me spill some tropical tea, loves! Getting out and exploring the world has been the ultimate mood. I'm not just talking about the swoon-worthy scenery – it's the feel-good vibes that come with it! My well-being has skyrocketed like never before. The joy of pushing boundaries, expressing my style through fashion, and rocking that confidence-boosting swimwear – it's a recipe for success!

Now, let's talk about the pink sports bikini sets that are giving me all the confidence vibes, queens! It's like a secret weapon, boosting my fierce spirit as I conquer those waves! But hey, I'll let you in on the fun – you can find fabulous swimwear, whether that be a killer one-piece or swimming shorts to express YOUR style and embrace your unique self too!

pink superdry full body swimsuit on size 14
pink superdry full body swimsuit on size 14

Speaking of embracing the unknown, I've got some exciting news, babes! Superdry's newest wild swimming guide, Unknown Waters, is all about exploring the UK's open waters – those wild spots that ignite your adventurous spirit! 🏞️✨ I've been checking it out, and let me tell you, it's the ultimate guide to discovering the best wild swimming spots in the UK. Just imagine the thrill of diving into the untouched beauty of those open waters. It's all about pushing limits and embracing that exhilarating feeling – just like I did here in Jamaica!

So, my fierce beauties, whether you're chilling by the hotel pool or daring to conquer waterfalls like a boss, never underestimate the magic of embracing the unknown! It's a journey of self-discovery that brings out the fierce, confident, and fabulous YOU!

Now, as I head back home, I'm filled with gratitude for this unforgettable trip – a week of celebrating my bestie Humayra and her husband's white wedding in the gorgeous backdrop of Jamaica. It's been a whirlwind of joy, bonding with friends and family, and soaking up the Jamaican vibes like never before. 

pink superdry full body swimsuit on size 14

Stay tuned, because I've got a vlog and outfit posts coming your way, capturing every magical moment of this amazing journey!


  1. You looked extremely attractive showcasing that pretty pink swimsuit from Superdry!
    Your exhilarating adventures in Jamaica sound delightful.
    P.S. You also look fabulous in your YouTube videos!

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  2. Such a nice and lovely pink swimsuit, it suits you perfectly and you are stunningly gorgeous in that swimsuit, the fit is perfect. Love to have one. >3

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