When I started this blog when I was 20. I always thought this blog would be the centre of my being (everything seemed more dramatic then). As with everything, life changes I had other interests and I decided to explore other things. It didn't mean this space wasn't important to me, but being in my 30s is different to me 10+ years ago. I used to be so hyper-focused on having certain interests and passions, and I used to think that you have a passion/interest, you have that forever, you pursue it. If you drop it, you aren't consistent or serious... Like I said, I could be kinda intense with things like that. With age, comes wisdom and change.

Blue off the shoulder playsuit

For example, I also enjoy playing games, art, cooking, swimming and other things, than making fashion and beauty content. It's ok, to change and I think that's what I was afraid of... changing and not being me. But change is essential for growth, and I'm fully ready to grow as much as I can and I'm excited for how I'll develop. So I conclude this post to say, don't be afraid of change. It maybe scary, but sometimes it's necessary.

How have you changed?


  1. OMG, you look GORGEOUS in that beautiful fashion photo of you above - absolutely stunning!
    I love the colour, look of the fabric, and the very feminine styling of the outfit you were wearing!

    P.S.: I love your Jess D's YouTube videos,
    and was just enjoyed watching your video Life of a Bloggerpreneur S1EP3 | A TWERK CLASS WITH KELECHNEKOFF AND BOOHOO PRESS DA | JessD - YouTube!

    How have I changed?
    I have gotten older, heavier, more out of shape, more frustrated by rampant discrimination on the internet, and less willing to put the effort into taking and posting new fashion photos and videos of myself. At the same time I have been much more public and vocal about the fact that all photos and videos of me modelling panties on my blog, on my YouTube and on my Twitter and everywhere else were and are released into the public domain as I was making them (Labeled FREE for Re-Use) anywhere and everywhere without limitations. Please feel free to use them! :D

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