As an Influencer and Influencer Director, I've seen many things in my 11 year career. Social platform changes, influencers being paid, influencers not being paid, Tiktok Vs Instagram. I've been around a while! However, the one question that I'm always asked is how do I make money as an Influencer????

Today, I'm going to show you 4 WAYS to make money as an influencer.
Branded collabs

When I started my career, I made money using this blog alongside a 9-5. However, the landscape had shifted with brands looking to pay influencers and content creators, for campaigns simply on their social media platforms. Mad right? Well not really! The amount of reach one might have on their chosen platforms, the sheer ability to go viral on platforms like Tiktok, makes it easier to be visible and brands want in. That's why the most common way to make money as an influencer is via sponsored and branded collabs. There's a massive misconception that you need to have millions of followers to get branded collabs, and that simply isn't correct. You just need to understand your niche, create quality content, create a community, be consistent and be visible. Brands are looking to work with a mixture of influencers who suit their brand/ product their trying to promote so keep posting, because I promise you those branded campaigns are within reach!
Brand Mentions

A very easy way to make money should you be approached is via brands mentions. I explain it more in my nifty infographic, but you know when you hear your favourite YouTubers cut to an ad break in the middle of their vlog? Yeah that's a brand mention! 


Affiliates are a slow burner, they're like that guy that you weren't really feeling at first, but knew he was good for you in the long run as he grew on you slowly. Yeah, those are affiliates, most of the time they take a while for a return but you really do see a return when you utilise them effectively. Got a special discount code, link to your outfit? Make sure you're using it!

Make a product or service

Shameless plug, I created www.byjessd.com my beauty brand for women of all skintones. It's nice to have that and it's aligned to my influencer beans, so there is synergy. With the cost of living rising, it makes sense to have a few income streams to live comfortably. Only do this method if you have the time, it's quite time consuming but rewarding.

So that's it, 4 WAYS you can make money as an influencer. Let me know if you have any other ways I might have missed!



  1. Your tips for success are thoughtful, informative, and well thought out.
    I have never tried to make money from my blogging, from my YouTube videos
    or via the Tweets on my Twitter but it is completely okay if anyone else wants to use, publish and display my photos or videos for any purpose. I released all photos and videos of myself modelling and reviewing blouses and full brief panties into the public domain, (Labeled Free for ReUse). :D
    P.S.: I miss you leading FBLchat on Twitter <3 xx

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