A year ago, I embarked on a journey to create my own beauty brand By Jess D. I love makeup, art, and creativity but launching it was more than just having an interest in cosmetics. I felt I had a duty to allow women that were seen as others to feel beautiful. Lockdown has been a blessing in disguise as although work stopped, it allowed me to focus on By Jess D, really focus on the strategic vision and it is paying off, even though we have a lot to go. 
by jess d killer heels pink lipgloss on jess d

However, I was not the first black woman to start a beauty brand. Our generation is all so familiar with Rihanna launching Fenty Beauty and sending a ripple to the industry to start being inclusive. We've also had trial blazers in Iman Cosmetics, Doris Michaels, Black Opal, etc. More needs to be done because the beauty industry is still failing black women. Hell, the beauty industry is failing anyone who isn't white. It has been a narrative that has been going on for DECADES. The difference is now, we aren't waiting for the powers to be to always include us, we are creating our own avenues to feel represented. 


This is important. Did you know that women of colour spend $7.5 billion on beauty products annually, and 80% more on cosmetics? But we don't have a seat at the table, so we must continue to create our own. We can do this by being beauty brand owners, in PR, manufacturing, finance we need to infiltrate the beauty industry and create a fair playing ground. It is the only way we will see real representation.

Social Media has been amazing at connecting me with beauty industry experts, and I am constantly working with likeminded individuals to make an impact in the industry. I have found Facebook groups that focus on black businesses and/or beauty so helpful. I am in a lot of WhatsApp groups, and following industry insiders on Twitter and Instagram has been a Godsend. Networking and knowledge is also a way in which we will see change, so please seek these groups out.

Before I go....

Here are black beauty brands you need to check out:

What are your thoughts? 


  1. Congratulations on your initiative!
    Your mascara and lipstick look very pretty, and I really love the frilly feminine crop-top you were wearing styled with the black trousers in the photos above. You look beautiful.
    I knew that women of colour continue to be neglected and under-represented in the beauty and fashion industries. It's great that initiatives like yours are taking hold and that you have included links to other black beauty brands in addition to your own in this post.

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  3. A girl with dream.
    And it is so lucky to turn your interesting to you work.


  4. Looking forward to more beauty and fashion related blogs.

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