How are we all, I hope we are all keeping safe? As we're in lockdown, our normal day to day activities has stopped. One major service is going to the beauty supply store or hair shop as we say in the UK. I can speak for black women out there, that this is a form of self-care, and without our trusty stores open as usual, a lot of us feel lost. So, I wrote on Twitter and asked where the best places to get hair products for black hair, beauty, and skincare online.

I received a lot of good feedback, and I am going to show you where you can get your black hair, beauty care, and skincare online, so you can still slay, even if you're indoors. So let's see what we have, shall we?


So this is my brand! By Jess D is a cosmetics brand that focuses on producing cruelty-free, longlasting lipsticks, and lipglosses for all skin tones. I created this brand because I strongly believe beauty should be accessible to everyone, but it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to pay for it. We have had amazing traction, from the brand due to our wonderful customers. Use the code "feelthelove" to get 10% off. 



I actually discovered Kiya cosmetics when I was apart of my first trade event last year for ByJessD. Kay created a clean beauty and hair care brand. The brand aims to provide solutions for common hair and skin problems. I bought an exclusive gift box at the event which included the whipped shea butter, black soap, hair mist, and hair growth oil. I have to say the products are amazing! I suffer from allergies, especially eczema, and the shea butter did wonders for my skin. Especially since it is whipped.


Paks is a staple store hair store that we all know about and has saved us in times of need or if you need a new style or a top-up of your skincare. No, it is no secret, that the brand's website is notoriously outdated, but they are still delivering during this time. I also found out they have a new website, so have a look and order what you need. I emphasize the word need because I know how easy it is to get carried away. 


This a new discovery for me, so I am itching to try! I was at a SeasonedBF event at Buzzfeed HQ, a few months ago when I heard about Antidote Street. The brand describes itself as the world's best for afro and curly hair. They have been seen on Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Stylist, BlackHair & Refinery29, and offer free delivery when you spend £40. What I really like is the hair kits, which you can choose based on your needs.


I have been using Wiggit, for nearly two years now after discovering them on eBay, when looking for a wig. I used to wear premium synthetic wigs all the time, and this place was my go-to to get products from brands such as Sensationnel, Outre, to my occasional ponytails and crochet extensions. I may have graduated to virgin full lace wigs, but I do love a ponytail and extensions and the site has ALOT of brands, and YouTube reviews too. I love the cashback scheme, which I utilize in abundance too.


A new discovery, thanks to the TL. Byooti is a black-owned hair and beauty brand, that is UK based. Expect to find brands such as AS I AM, Cantu, Shea Moisture, Eco Styler.

Which brands do you shop from?

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