As a piercing fanatic, I have not only accumulated a lot of ear piercings but, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge too. In this post, I aim to inform you lovely lot the best places to get pierced in London and things to look out for.

I had my ears pierced when I was a baby but then got them re-pierced at age 10 with a piercing gun ( we didn't know any better). Anyways, in 2018 to 2019 I started my piercing journey. With the majority of my piercings occurring in 2019. Currently, I have 11 piercings, the daith (the hoop in my ear in the below pic, fell out after 5 months).


1) Cleanliness is the most important thing to look out in a studio. Remember, they are using instruments that can go into your skin. You don't want to contract any illnesses and diseases from poor practices. Make sure you see the piercer use fresh tools, wear gloves and sterilize.
2) Don't go to any studio that uses a piercing gun! That means even the most popular places, guns are not to be used for piercing ears as they can cause massive tissue trauma, due to the blunt force. They can even shatter cartilage, due to the impact. Needles hurt more, I can't lie. But, the hole is usually cleaner, more precise and heals better. Plus needles, are easier to clean and sterilize.
3) Good ratings and a license allow you to really choose a safe studio. It is so easy to buy piercing tools online, and a lot of people are very shady and are looking to make money quickly so may venture into piercing without the proper training. I used Google and Instagram as my first base of research, then went online to view portfolios and also called the studios to understand how they worked. With the studios, I chose they were very informative, nice and provided me with great aftercare info.

Here is a list of places that I've had my piercings done in the last two years. Before venturing to these places I did extensive research and all of them came highly recommended. I am just going to share my personal feedback.

Tattoo 13
Tattoo 13 is a top-rated tattoo and piercing studio in London. Located about a 5 min walk from Tottenham court road station, it really gives you that authentic tattoo and piercing feel. The guys are so lovely! Professional and let you know about the process. Pricing is around your standard price for piercing jewelry, my nose cost £30, my second lobes cost £30, my nose ring change cost £15 due to jewelry. My helix's cost £25. I've done about 80-90% of my piercings here as I feel so satisfied with the work. I would like a little more options in terms of jewelry, but you can jazz up your piercings by adding coloured gems which I have had done with my helix's, and when I had my nose stud.


nose piercing and blue eyeshadow make up look on black woman Jess D

Astrid & Miyu

I have a love-hate relationship with Astrid & Miyu. The company has amazing jewelry, amazing social, and amazing reviews. The shops are very fashionable and the piercers are very knowledgable. I went to Astrid& Miyu, last year for my Daith piercing and paid a little bit more as I knew I would never change the jewellery. The Daith was the most painful piercing I have ever had, and I loved it. Unfortunately, it was not pierced properly it gave me a lot of problems even though I was looking after it and finally rejected. I got two of my other piercers to look, one said it didn't look pierced correctly and the other recommended that she would have advised against getting my Daith pierced.

The team was great with giving me a refund, but I wouldn't go to A&M for a Daith piercing as I've heard from other people that they have had similar issues. However, if you go for lobes or a helix it should be fine, and their jewellery is cute. 

daith piercing and multiple piercings

West London Ink

I did my third piercing and one of my helixes. It was quick and pain-free if you're in the West London area pop into West London ink. It's mainly a tattoo place, but they do piercings.

Love Hate Social Club

I think this place is one of my favourite places to get pierced! I knew about this place as I am a huge fan of Ami James and the tattoo show Miami Ink, which I used to watch when I was a teen/ early adult. When I heard that they were opening a tattoo and piercing shop in Notting Hill, I just had to go. This was my newest piercing I got exactly a year ago! I spent, I think something between £60-£90 for a flat piercing at the top left of my ear,  due to the jewellery. I wanted to treat myself and I will never take it out and it looks so good. It was my easiest piercing to do, it hurt, but was healed wonderfully. NO ISSUES at all. I am playing with the idea of getting a conch done here, but I am not sure.

Are you looking to get pierced soon?

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