Friday, 21 September 2018


Hey and an introduction to Leesa Mattress:

Salutations babes. I am back with another review post, and this time it all about homeware, more specifically about my new mattress from Lessa. Leesa's mission is to help people sleep better. Pretty simple right? Many companies struggle to get the fundamentals right when creating a mattress and I have to say, with someone with back and posture problems ( blame years hunching over a laptop- I am a millennial sue me),  I have enjoyed sleeping on this mattress. Like drool on the pillow enjoyment! TMI? My bad, but if you are looking for a good night sleep find out why this mattress is for you. 


The key facts about Leesa Mattress

  • I was gifted the Single Mattress, from Leesa, as I have a single bed. (Sidenote, use my discount code IMLOOKWHATIGOT1 for £100 off).
  • The mattress is beautifully designed and engineered with three premium foams for cooling, body contouring and pressure-relieving core support.
  • The Mattress comes wrapped up flat, in a rectangle box. To set it up you position the mattress on your bed frame, cut away the plastic covering and the mattress inflates slowly. I wish I recorded it, but placing the mattress was so easy and high tech.
  • Leesa is ahead of the game, they donate one mattress for every ten they sell.


Why I love the Leesa Mattress:

The thing about Mattresses is you either get a hard, medium and soft mattress. Which tbh, is never good for your back! Specialist mattresses cost a bomb and that isn't something I can afford! At £399 for a mattress, I feel it is a great investment if you are struggling to have a good nights sleep. The only thing I wish is if the mattress would come in different colours or if you could upgrade the mattress if you upgrade from a single to a double for example.  Even though the mattress is soft, you can really feel that it is supporting your back. I used to overheat on my mattress, but the material is really cooling and doesn't cause irritation. I normally have lower back pain, with my old mattress but this has greatly reduced. I really like that you get a 100-night free trial to really test the mattress. All in all, I am enjoying the Leesa Mattress. Thanks guys!!!


Leesa Sleep Ltd have provided a product for review, and as such are a ‘sponsor’ of the content.



  1. That Leesa Mattress sounds delightful to rest, nap or sleep on, and easy to manoeuvre into the house and up the stairs.

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