Happy New year all! First of all, how great was 2017 for music? I had such an amazing time updating my playlist and going to gigs, festivals and concerts last year. If you follow me on social, I captured all of this coverage, and if you missed it, you can watch this on my Youtube vlog series, here, here and here. I was inspired to do a review like this, as I was gifted with the Sudio Sweden Regent white headphones that retail for £79. If you are looking for new headphones for the new year, then head over to the site, and use my code fblbloggers15 to get 15% off.

I am a bit of an earphone connoisseur, I am a snob when it comes to my music. I want my headphones to have amazing sound quality, look stylish, and last a long time. I go through a lot! If possible be wireless Now usually, because I have big hair I usually opt for inner ear headphones, which are discreet and easy to pop into my bad. However, since it is 2018, I wanted to always try headphones. The Sudio Regent headphones, which you can see below fit everything I look for in headphones. What is also great is that it comes with customisable caps. At £79, it is an affordable alternative to Beats which will set you back £250. I really like that the headphones provide you with a wire to plug in when your wireless headphones are low on battery. But with a 24-hour battery life, you should be able to milly rock to your playlist with ease.

Now with everything, here are some negatives. I found that my cap on the right side kept falling out, which was pretty annoying. So make sure you secure them. I have worn them out, but because of this, I think these will be my indoor headphones. Not because the headphones are not great, but also because for me, as I tend to take a small bag out with me, I would find it hard to pop in my handbag. However, you can simply rock this as a neck piece. I had a slight issue connecting to both my phones ( I have an iPhone and LG G5). Just make sure you hold the on the button for a few seconds when connecting.

All in all, I have fun with these and recommend these headphones. If you are looking for an affordable and stylish headphones check these out.

Also check out my latest Youtube video with my latest playlist.


  1. I've been looking some good wireless headphones, I think I'll check these out!

    Thanks for the review,


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